As Goes Vin Scully So Goes the American Football Audience

Well, maybe not exactly but when even USA Today starts highlighting the NFL boycott by public figures the handwriting is on the wall.

My fervent hope is that Jerry Jones requires his player to respect the flag and that the differential in attendance and ratings between Cowboy games and the rest of the league wakes up the other idiot owners before they kill the NFL out of stupidity and cowardice.

But if they don’t, then let it burn.  It’s a good object lesson for those who take normal Americans for granted.  I wonder what an NFL linesman does when there isn’t any football to play.  Move furniture?  That must pay $4,000,000 a year, right?

Haven’t watched a minute all year and couldn’t be happier.  Baseball was good.  I’ll spend the winter learning a new skill.  And improving my website.  I think I’ll increase my donation to the Wounded Warriors.  They are the real heroes not those steroid laced clowns in the football jerseys.