Colter Wall – A Country Music Review

I work with this guy Joe.  He’s an engineer and he’s also a musician.  He’s a guitar player.  And he’s a country music guy, goes down to Nashville to hear the new singers in the small clubs down there.  Last week he sent me a link to a YouTube video of a new country singer named Colter Wall.  The song was called Kate McCannon.  It’s a murder ballad in the Appalachia style.  I thought it was great.  I looked into Colter Wall a little and found out he’s from Alberta Canada.  And despite this deep dark voice and a noticeable speech defect, he’s only a young guy in his early twenties.  Encouraged by that first song, I bought his self-titled album. I can say that I consider it head and shoulders above the bland commercial stuff being produced by the generic country groups currently on the scene.  My two favorite songs are the ballads Kate McCannon and Bald Butte.  But some of his lighter songs (e.g., Thirteen Silver Dollars, Fraulein) are also very well regarded by me.  And there really aren’t any bad songs on the album.  Now you may say that sounds like slightly faint praise.  It’s not.  This is a very solid album.  I have been playing it twice a day during my almost hour-long commute and have not even been tempted to switch to anything else in a week of playing.  If you’re a fan of old country music try to listen to a little of Wall’s stuff.  Of course music is that most subjective and individual of things so there’s no way of being sure but I think there’s a good chance you might be interested.


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Tom Dulaney
Tom Dulaney
4 years ago

Thanks, I listened to several of his pieces on youtube. The youtube version of Kate McCannon was done with a Johnny Cash style “growling” style and was especially well done and moving. The whole is far above the mindless commercial music produced for the masses these days.

Tom Dulaney
Tom Dulaney
4 years ago

I thought Country Music was deemed illegal for inappropriate thought up in your neck of the woods.