Ryan Bingham’s “Mescalito” – A Very Short Country Music Review

Ryan Bingham is one of these new country singer/songwriters who sing about life and drugs and stuff.  There’s a definite southwestern flavor to a number of the songs and one song even features a Spanish lyric or two (Borachio Station).  My opinion of the songs varies from very good to meh.  For me the standout song is Bread and Water.  It’s got a sort of hard driving beat with banjos and guitars telling the story of a trek across the southwest.  The other songs vary in style and feeling going from traditional to more modern feels.  For me Southside of Heaven and Long Way from Georgia are the best of the rest.  Interestingly there’s a definite Springsteen influence detectable on the vocals of some songs.  I’m not sure if this is a positive or a negative for me.

If you want, listen to Bread and Water.  If you don’t like that song, then in my opinion don’t bother with the rest.  If you do then maybe Bingham might be interesting to you.  So that’s my read.


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