11/26/2017 Update on the Website Political Census

Well, the census (or poll) continues to inch along at a snail’s pace.  I guess I should be more sympathetic to people holding their cards close to the vest but I am curious and it is all for science!  Well, maybe really more like my curiosity.  But the sample size is at least reaching some semblance of statistical significance.  And right along with that the breakdown is becoming more aligned with the political tenor of the site.  Conservatives and their kin now are a slight majority of all voters here.  Next most numerous are libertarians and their sub-groups.  And finally, there are less aligned groups.  More left leaning folks.  We even have two Bernie Bros. which I found interesting.  Here are the results as of now:

Conservative                                   12
Moderate                                          4
Liberal                                               2
Alt-Right                                           0
Civic Nationalist                              0
Traitionalist                                      1
Progressive                                       0
Alt-Lite                                              0
Alt-West                                            2
Dissident Right                                1
Libertarian                                        5
Reactionary                                       0
Neo-Reactionary                              0
Nationalist                                         2
Human Biodiversity Adherent      0
Dark Enlightenment Adherent      1
Ayn Randian                                      1
Ron Paul Follower                            1
Bernie Bro                                          2

Total                                                   34

So that’s the update.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll continue to tack it on the bottom of the posts or maybe pin it on the site somewhere easy to find.  I’ll make up my mind soon.  I found it interesting and a little bit comforting.  I mean I don’t mind being among like-minded individuals but a little bit of ideological latitude makes for livelier discussions.  I mean, an echo chamber can be a little boring.

Since my readers don’t always stop by every day I figured I’d paste this poll on each post for a while to see what folks call themselves.  This is the post the poll came from  Who Are We?

… And that got me thinking. Who are the people who read my blog?  I thought it might be fun to see what the cross-section looked like.  If you feel like saying what you believe in, feel free to leave a comment and/or pick a label from the poll below.  I think it might be interesting.


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