An Interesting Read from the Dark Enlightenment

I seem to find some pretty strange but interesting stuff.

This is on a website called The Anti-Puritan who is I think an Anarcho-Capitalist.  He has some relation to the Dark Enlightenment, possibly that just means they think Enlightenment Civilization is a dead end.  Anyway, it was interesting and I thought I’d provide a link and I’d love to get some feedback from any readers interested in discussing the gist of what he is saying, regardless of whether it’s supposed to be serious or just an observation of how our world is devolving into meaningless existence.

I think it’s interesting that even folks who don’t seem to have any religious beliefs come back to religion because human beings need to believe in something absolute.  If it’s not God, then they make a god called communism or science or social justice.  I think there’s something true in that.  If you’re interested in talking about it go ahead.  If the comments get long we can always take it to a forum topic.