I Object – A Dissenting Opinion on an American Greatness Post

Linking to American Greatness is usually easy for me.  I’ve found many articles that I’m proud to link to.  And the occasional article I don’t agree with I just chalk up to “nothing’s 100%.”  But today I read Henry Olsen’s “Four New Year’s Resolutions for Making America Great.”  The first three resolutions were unproblematic.

The fourth was tolerance.  Now he couched tolerance in terms of Christian patience as demonstrated by the early martyrs.  Basically what he is advocating is more losing.  Lose but be a good sport about it.  Turn the other cheek.  Call those who hate you friends and maybe they’ll let you be a slave after the last of your freedoms are stamped out.  I’m sorry, this won’t wash.  This was tried by George W. Bush.  He was demonized, pilloried and mocked for eight years by these friends.  Now that they’ve found a greater satan he’s become the beloved clown that they can point to as the exemplar for “good republican” behavior, a loser.

In the words of Cyrano “No, thank you. No! I thank you and again I thank you!”

I’m sure Mr. Olsen is a well meaning fellow but this is a war.  After the enemy is defeated we can talk about the surrender conditions.  Until then it’s us versus them.

Four New Year’s Resolutions for Making Americans Great