The Anti-Anti-White Gambit

The more I thought about this idea from Derbyshire’s post, the more interesting it became to me.  After all, if someone like Roseanne can be fired for making a joke, why can’t public outrage be used to get some college professor or administrator fired for propagandizing our kids about “white privilege” or other such anti-white slanders.  The only difference is protected status and if we get wise to ourselves we can overcome that disadvantage through sheer numbers.  Think about it.  If 10,000 complaints bombard the Dean’s office at a college wouldn’t that make a lovely impression on the board of Trustees and the President of the University.


But the bigger point is that Anti-Anti-White avoids the stigma of White Nationalism.  You aren’t trying to organize whites as an identity group.  You are fighting against an unjust practice, anti-white bias.  Theoretically people of other races should be sympathetic to the cause and could be added to the movement.  In reality they won’t.  But that’s beside the point and in fact will be one of the advantages.  It will highlight that identitarian movements are zero sum games.


Once people start to see how much of the system is rigged against them , it’s only a small step to considering how they can maximize their standing in this hierarchy.  Eventually, once it’s been legitimized by public opinion  it can be used by politicians to signal their sympathy with white voters.  And even better, once it’s established as a point of view, it will become easy to use it to expose the crazies who talk about these things as anti-white racists.  Can you imagine the pleasure of using the racism card against some white left-wing university professor?  Because just because he’s white doesn’t mean he isn’t biased against white people.  After all racism is an equal opportunity profession.


Yeah, I’m definitely starting to like this thing.  There are still a lot of angles that need to be considered to maximize the yardage it can give us but I definitely like the idea of becoming an aggrieved minority.  Next up will be working this for men and then straight people.  After all, each of those is an under attack minority.