Vox Linked to a Really Interesting Article About Vice Magazine and Sarah Jeong Harming a Chinese Woman With Dangerous Publicity

Vox Day is always saying nevr talk to the media.  Here he highlights the plight of a female DYI techie in China whose lifestyle could put her in legal hazard with the regime if a western publication blabs her social details on-line.  And who shows up to turn the knife?  Sarah Jeong!  Here’s Vox’s link  http://voxday.blogspot.com/2018/08/dont-ever-talk-to-media.html

and here’s the link to the article  https://medium.com/@therealsexycyborg/shenzhen-tech-girl-naomi-wu-my-experience-with-sarah-jeong-jason-koebler-and-vice-magazine-3f4a32fda9b5

These people are ruthlessly stupid and can’t even help hurting their own friends and allies.