04OCT2018 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Michael Anton’s – The Gillibrand Standard

Michael Anton (aka Publius Decius Mus) very, very rarely underwhelms.  This is no exception.  He lays out the strategy of the left and the uselessness of the NeverTrump Right.

None of the indictment is novel or complicated.  The bottom line is the Left has abandoned any recourse to objectivity, due process or even sanity.  All’s fair in love and war and everything is war for the Left.  Character assassination, perjury, intimidation, harassment of wives and children and any amount of media manipulation are not only acceptable but mandatory.  The #metoo playbook requires the accused to curl up in the fetal position and allow every kick from the sisterhood to land squarely.  And it requires every good Republican loser to join the accused on the floor for his well earned kicks.  And right on cue Flake curls up and presents his “head” for kicking.

But, surprise, surprise, neither Kavanaugh, Trump or even McConnell played dead.  They decided to fight back instead and they even won.

Anton says that the bright spot in this nightmare is that the orgy of dishonesty against one of their own (Kavanaugh is a Beltway insider) is bound to wake up many of the establishment Republicans from their stupor.  He thinks this tawdry exercise is providing an example to the spineless Republican leadership of what it’s like to stand up to a leftist lynch mob and win.  Maybe next time a psychotic leftist harpy accuses a man of some crime of passion that no one in his right mind would want to commit on her the Republicans will wise up and laugh her out of the Capitol Building.  Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet on it, the worthless worms.

The Gillibrand Standard

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3 years ago

A great read from Anton. He always knocks it out of the park.
Thanks for sharing, OCF. I’ve been similarly concerned about the breakdown in logic, not to mention decorum, from this no-holds-barred, slash-and-burn approach the Left has adopted: https://theportlypolitico.wordpress.com/2018/09/29/logic-breakdown-and-the-kavanaugh-hearings/
The silver-lining, I hope, is that some of the cuckier Establishment Republicans are waking up to the fact that the modern progressive Left plays by the “rules” of sheer expediency.

3 years ago
Reply to  photog

Thanks! If you see anything you like, feel free to share it. I’m loving your content, particularly the mix of book review (both fiction and non-fiction), photography, and politics. You’re a true Renaissance Man!