The Z-Man Specifies the 1970s as When the Culture War Killed the Working Class

It’s a thoughtful essay.

The Age Of Ugly

At the end he says:

“That ugliness is what is fueling the populist movements. In Europe and America, the natives, physically and culturally divorced from their rulers, are now looking for alternative sources of authority. The people are recoiling at the ugly world created for them by their rulers, so the slow search for new rulers has begun. No one thinks about it quite like that yet, but in time, that corner will be turned. We’ll move from reform to the idea of starting fresh and leaving the ugliness of left-wing radicalism behind.”

That idea of searching for new rulers resonates with me.  But I think the people who have had enough are going to have to do a lot more than wait for new rulers.  We’re going to have to decide what the new agenda will be and won’t be.