07JUN2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Angelo Codevilla’s “The Way Out of Our Judicial Impasse is Through It

Codevilla is making a bold statement.  He is basically saying Americans are going to have to defy Leftist judges.


Listen to what Codevilla says:

Defying the reach of a federal court ruling—even one of the Supreme Court’s, never mind that of a district court—is within everyone’s power. Alexander Hamilton had made that point in Federalist 78: the judiciary’s fundamental power is neither more nor less than the power to persuade. You may be otherwise persuaded. Hamilton is clear that there is no constitutional duty to obey the courts—certainly not on policy.

Andrew Jackson applied that principle even to the Supreme Court’s decision in the specific case of the Bank of the United States in 1832: “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!” There is no constitutional reason why any president, or governor, should forbear from carrying out a law or an executive decision just because a federal district judge’s opinion is that it violates some standard, The president or governor has his own opinion. In the final analysis, all depends on executive power, which, in turn, depends on popular support.

This is getting very close to revolt.  Looks like we are starting to see the mainstream Right testing the waters of the river that the Dissident Right crossed over through a few years ago.  With what is going on with abortion law in Alabama  and elsewhere how long before a Leftist judge says “Thou shalt not.” and some Governor says “In a pig’s eye!”  Without a doubt we live in interesting times.