What Needs Doing this Year to Guarantee the 2020 Reelection

In an earlier post I said that the last two years had revolutionized the situation in the US.  But as everyone knows Americans embody the attitude, “what have you done for me lately?”

So in the spirit of trying to make Deplorable America scream, “It’s too much winning!”  Here is what I think should be the agenda for the next six months.

  • Codify, normalize and accelerate the deportations.
  • Prosecute Google and Facebook for demonetizing and de-platforming their customers on the basis of political ideology.
  • Finish a deal with China that brings even more jobs to America.
  • Fiscally punish the Sanctuary states.
  • Work with the new British Prime Minister on a trade deal that will facilitate a hard Brexit.
  • Come up with a great nick-name for each of the Democrat Clown Car Gang (although some of them have picked the names out themselves, I’m looking at you Spartacus).
  • Have the indictments of the Justice Department coup leaders a reality by early fall.
  • Get something to finally stick to the Clintons and lock her up.
  • Prosecute employers who employ illegal aliens.
  • Do an exclusive interview for Orion’s Cold Fire and appear in a cameo scene in the next Deadpool movie (alright, I made up those last two for myself).

And most of these agenda items have both a positive and negative aspect.  Weakening Google and Facebook for instance, not only energizes our side but also depresses the Left.  There’s nothing that bums them out like being zinged on social media.  For them that’s like a thumb in the eye.  And just imagine how deportations and targeting employers of illegal aliens will depress the fraudulent vote situation.

So these are the priorities that I see.  If the President accomplishes even most of these he will ensure his re-election and also improve the Republicans’ outcomes in the Senate, House and even state elections.  And based on his actions over the last couple of years I know he is well aware of the importance of these priorities and I fully expect to see them move forward.

But it’s the summer and things slow down a good deal and bloggers and other talkers get bored of not having something big going on all the time.

But if I had to pick the one thing that would most powerfully improve the chances of re-election, I say prosecuting the DOJ conspirators.  If the true story is as juicy as it seems, it will be like a modern day Watergate and will surely tar the Democrats in the eyes of the American voters, including especially the Independents.  And the cherry on the float would be if Biden ends up involved in the Russia-gate thing as a distraction from his own Russia and Ukraine involvements.  I’d love to see the the Beau Biden Ukraine story blow up in the DNC’s face after Creepy Joe is the nominee.

I’m very impatient to see this get going but I’m guessing that saving something for the Fall and Winter are tactically important.  Well, patient is a virtue they say.  Unfortunately for me, it’s one I do not possess.


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