This Spot is America

The 1930s movie Treasure Island was on TCM this weekend.  I’ve seen it a hundred times before and own a copy so I don’t have to watch it just because it’s on tv.  So, of course, I watched it.

Usually I just enjoy the story as a whole without dissecting it.  The characters and the plot devices I find enormously enjoyable.  But one scene got me thinking about our present situation.

The scene is at the point when Captain Smollett has escaped the ship Hispaniola with the remaining loyal crew on a long boat to Treasure Island and has reached the blockhouse inside the stockade.  They are badly outnumbered, hopelessly outgunned by the ship’s cannons and almost out of food.

Captain Smollett is raising the English flag on a makeshift flagpole over the blockhouse.  He looks up at the flag and gives it a formal salute.  Just then a cannon ball overshoots the blockhouse and knocks down a palm tree.

Captain Smollett – Shoot away me lads, that’s the way to waste powder.

Dr. Livesey – The flag evidently spots the house for them.  Hadn’t we better lower it?

Captain Smollett – Lower the flag?  Strike my colors?  Not I, sir!  We’ve little provisions but plenty of powder and ball.  And by heaven sir, this spot is England!

As the scene ends, we see the English flag flying in the sky.  The scene shifts then to the ship Hispaniola where the pirates are lofting the Jolly Roger (pirate skull and cross bones flag) on the main mast.

Other than the relevance to Smollett’s personality as a veteran English naval officer I never thought about what that line “this spot is England!” could mean to me.

Maybe it was the whole Nike/Kaepernick/Betsy Ross Flag insult.  The idea that Leftists are making a point of methodically attacking all the traditional and familiar symbols and characters from the past and trying to eliminate them from the public square.  Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, even a popular entertainer like Kate Smith was attacked and the cowardly sports franchises like the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Yankees caved into ginned up outrage from social justice warriors who don’t even like sports and banned her version of “God Bless America.”

What this tells me is that we need somewhere or some thing where we can say “this spot is America.”  We need somewhere that we can go with our children and grandchildren and talk to them about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and even Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson and say this is the history of your country.  We need books and movies and art that talk about who we are and how we got here.  And it needs to be written by people who actually love this country not by those who hate it or at best are ashamed of it.

Now, by all rights, the whole territory of the United States should be that place.  But just like in Treasure Island the pirates have occupied much of what should be America.  Whole areas of the country like the Northeast and the West Coast are firmly under the control of people who hate America with a passion.  In those areas there is no public place or even private venue where it’s safe to be an American.  In fact, in some places like California and Oregon the local government will allow antifa thugs to assault anyone who espouses a patriotic sentiment publicly.

For that reason, on-line venues can be very useful to satisfy the desire to socialize with other Americans on home ground.  That is why I have this website.  That is why I say the things I do.  That is why I read the various sites and news sources. It gives us a public square where we can talk and share information and try to reach a consensus.

But it’s not enough.  Not by a long shot.  We need to get our government to stop helping the enemy.  President Trump is helping in several ways but we’re not even close to turning things around.  The recent decision about the citizenship question on the census form shows that we’re still battling against the fake conservatives on the Supreme Court.  President Trump gave us two votes for our side but with Roberts’ awful decision it’s plain to see that the Bushes’ endless shadow of bad decisions is still coming back to haunt us.

We need the Federal, State and local governments to be forced to respect the First and Second Amendments and stop persecuting Americans who exercise these rights.

And we have to recognize that many public and private institutions (schools, social organizations, social media, financial institutions and corporations) are hopelessly biased against conservatives and hostile to the normal America that we knew.  As has been said a million times before we will need to build and support replacement institutions that won’t make us feel like strangers in our own land.

So just as Captain Smollett said in his stockade “this spot is England!” here at Orion’s Cold Fire I can say to you my friends “this spot is America!”  Celebrate the good things that we grew up with and share the stories and experiences that reflect its worth without worrying about getting someone’s pronouns wrong or triggering someone by describing some old Indian fighter as brave.  And spread any good news or information that will help us to sustain the old ways that we value and share the fun things that make life interesting.  I write about science fiction and photography but music, art, other literature, science and more are all things that interest me and I welcome anyone that wants to post articles in the comments that others might find interesting.  And I will link to anything that seems worthwhile and interesting.  And review any books, movies or art that belongs in our America.

Strike my colors?  Not I, sir!


After you’ve read enough sexbot articles on Drudge maybe switch to something interesting



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D. N. Wilson
D. N. Wilson
2 years ago

Sirs/Madames, I, too, am a big fan of Treasure Island. And you are “spot” on. I have recently written and self-published a book which is available on Amazon which I believe fits the characteristics of the books you wish to review and promote. It is called “Cluverius v. The Commonwealth “. It is about a famous murder trial in 1885 in Richmond VA. The story also incorporates a great amount of Virginia and US History, including information on Civil War heroes on both sides. Virginia was the original American spot. It needs to be one again! Please check it out.… Read more »

D. N. Wilson
D. N. Wilson
2 years ago
Reply to  photog

That’s all I can ask. Thank you!

2 years ago

This is the hate-America crowd that drives around with ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Coexist’ bumper stickers on their cars. They only practice these things if you agree with them. They post signs in their yards like ‘Hate has not home here’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate’ and yet all they have is hate in them for conservatives and our Country. You see, the U.S. is always the problem. They scoff at the idea of American Exceptionalism and have little to no regard for the brilliance, courage, and bravery of our Founding Fathers. It repulses me. I’ve had enough of my fill with these… Read more »