How is Telling Someone He Has Unconscious Bias Not Creating a Hostile Work Environment?

The latest corporate re-education-camp mind game is pointedly telling older white normal men that they harbor unconscious bias against people that aren’t exactly like them.  And because of this condition they need to be shown their biases in a group setting where they can all be embarrassed and taken down a few pegs in front of others.  Now this is just an extension of all the other sensitivity trainings that we have been enduring for decades.  But finally, we’ve reached the point where apparently the evil is so ingrained that we can’t even be trained out of it but must assume it will always be there and so we’ll need to be punished in advance and at regular intervals to offset the effect.

The funny thing is that based on my harassment training I think I recognize in this process the text book definition of creating a hostile work environment.  Here we have people being shamed and ridiculed not for anything they’ve done wrong but wholly on the basis of their sex and race.  If there were a friendly group inside the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that was interested in fairness something like this seems like a class-action suit just dying to be litigated.  Since I didn’t have a lawyer interested in the case, I simply told the quisling fink annoying me that all my biases were conscious and I’ll continue to cherish them as I do my tonsils and appendix.

Honestly, somebody eventually has to figure out a way to punish these corporations for this harassment.  The constant celebration of the alphabet people has gotten more than a bit thick.  There are stickers, posters, wall magnets and for all I know commemorative underwear to show support for the incredibly brave deviants.  And if your cubicle is not festooned with these you could be accused of insensitivity.

We have leadership teams for women, Asians and heaven knows who else but apparently men are without leadership qualities.  I wonder if word has gotten back to the ghosts of Hannibal and Napoleon.  When we have our various upper management harangues, we are guaranteed to spend one segment on the miraculous powers of diversity and inclusion.  We are assured that diversity is our strength but no actual proof is ever provided for this flat statement and a rigorous definition of what diversity actually is always escapes the speaker.  But it is our strength.

Five years ago, one of our most mindful upper managers hired a new employee that checked a whole slew of diversity boxes all by herself.  Needless to say, he was extremely pleased with this turn of events and told me specifically what a coup it would be for our department.  After a short time, it became obvious that this employee was completely unqualified for the position and in addition would be absent for a good portion of her remaining tenure giving birth to three children.  Meanwhile, the workload that she should have been doing had to be divided among the already understaffed department.  Finally, after filling out her family she moved onto a new company at an even higher grade because of the prestige of her work with us.  And just to add insult to injury her position wasn’t filled but left vacant since the manager knew that the rest of the department had somehow managed to get the job done without her anyway.  Now that doesn’t mean that all minority employees are unqualified.  Far from it.  But it’s the fear of sinning against diversity that causes the train wrecks like the one I mentioned above.  Instead of correcting the mistake they’ll punish everyone else in order to pretend that a diversity based hiring mistake doesn’t exist.

So, I guess that’s what they mean when they say diversity is our strength.  Compensating for the bad diversity hiring decisions that management is afraid to correct forces everyone else to get stronger by dragging the dead weight of the sacred cow until luck sends it on to greener pastures.  All hail diversity the strength that exhausts.

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1 year ago

“…All my biases were conscious and I’ll continue to cherish them as I do my tonsils and appendix.” Beautiful.

And “conscientious” to boot!

Thanks for the early Tuesday chuckle.

1 year ago

Flatly refuse to participate. The economy is wonderful, thanks to Trump. NO job is worth subjecting ones self to such abuse. Go find a job at a place NOT run by Leftist lunatics.