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What can you say about Pete Buttigieg that doesn’t make him out as a jerk?  During the debate in Las Vegas, some Telemundo reporter calls out Klobuchar for forgetting the name of the Mexican president and, right away, Hall Monitor Pete chastises her for being a bad senator.  Now far be it from me to defend Klobuchar, she is just as toxic as all the other Dems on that stage.  They pander to illegal aliens and espouse insane policies that throw around multi-trillion dollar price tags like they were trinkets.  But I just want to reflect on the rodent-like quality of Petey Boy’s character.  Klobuchar at least correctly characterized the gotcha, trivia, Jeopardy aspect of this non-event correctly.  Memorizing the names of Latin American puppet leaders doesn’t really prove anything about leadership.  Now granted when you’re pandering to the large Hispanic population of Nevada and grant an interview with Telemundo you probably could expect that they will try to ambush you on some Latino advocacy question.  And so she got what she deserved.

But it takes a particularly petty individual to jump on that gotcha moment and try to make it into something meaningful.  I’m trying to select the best varmint to compare to it.  Weasel?  Rat?  Skunk?  Let’s go with weasel.  It takes an especially weaselly critter to try and churn something as meaningless as forgetting the name of the President of Mexico into a disqualifying event.  I can just bet that prior to this debate Petey Boy was in touch with Telemundo ensuring that the debate question about this was going to be used.  And probably he stayed up all night memorizing the names of all the Latin American leaders from the border of Texas down to the tip of Argentina.  And I’m sure he would have relished trilling his r’s and pronouncing the tilde on the letter n.  This is the annoying kid that everyone had in his class that preened for the teacher and answered all the ridiculous trivia that gets away from the point of whatever lesson is being learned.  He’s someone who just grinds it out and accumulates those extra credit points without ever becoming proficient at something useful.

Can you imagine if this guy actually ever became president?  We would be the laughing stock of the world and it wouldn’t be long until some fifth rate nation like Venezuela started kidnapping Americans and forcing Petey Boy to pay ransom and apologize for anything they cared to specify.  It really reflects just how low we’ve sunk when a specimen like Buttigieg is even considered a possible candidate for President of the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth.  Klobuchar has more spunk than that little doofus even though half the time she looks like she’s having a nervous breakdown.  At this point it’s pretty clear that Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Warren and Biden are not getting the nomination.  But it is still possible that Petey Boy could end up as running mate for the Dem candidate.  Even that possibility should bring shame to every American male.  To think that someone as weird, petty and dysfunctional as Petey Boy is deemed the crème de la crème of American manhood is just a crying shame.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

Didn’t Petey Boi say something about Trump being non-biblical? Isn’t being queer also against the teachings of the Bible?

2 years ago
Reply to  War Pig

Unfortunately, I know quite a few homosexuals who also claim to be Christians. They are active in their churches and things like that. While I can’t say whether or not they truly are Christians, I CAN say that it’s a sad state of affairs when someone claiming to be Christian would so brazenly wear their sin on their sleeve, so to speak, despite the clear teachings in the Bible. They claim that the Bible has been mistranslated or simply misinterpreted. I disagree with that assessment. From my observances of human nature, it’s far more likely that people simply want to… Read more »