President Trump Fires Michael Atkinson the Intelligence Community Inspector General

Atkinson was the stooge who changed the whistle-blower regulation to allow hearsay evidence that was used to fabricate the Ukraine impeachment case.  It really is amazing it took this long to fire the guy.  He should have been fired the day after the Senate exonerated the President.  This guy is a creature of the Obama regime and should never have had a job in this administration.  Good riddance.

I just want to let the President know if he needs someone to take the job, even though I have no legal or law enforcement experience I am available at a moments notice, although I will have to work remotely from home. Just leave a comment on this post Mr. President.


Trump fires intelligence official involved in his impeachment probe

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War Pig
War Pig
3 years ago

He got off lucky. If he had crossed the Clintons he’d be dead by now.