My Take on Yarvin’s Essay “The Deep State vs The Deep Right”

Last night I clicked on the American Mind website and saw that Curtis Yarvin (aka Mencius Moldbug) had a new post up.  The title was “The Deep State vs The Deep Right.”  I find Yarvin’s ideas interesting but at the same time in some ways obscure.  In this new essay he states that the only way to overthrow a regime you live under is to undermine its authority with a more attractive idea.  He puts this in terms of aesthetics.  His case in point is the Czar.  According to Yarvin the Russians overthrew their government by first convincing everyone including the Czar that they needed to adopt the British outlook on life.  And since socialism was the religion of the British elites at that time what better way to emulate them than by taking their ideal and turning it up to eleven via Marx’s writings.  Yarvin’s point is that art (in this case the 19th century Russian novelists) had prepared the Russians for the replacement of the monarchy long before the Bolsheviks came on the scene.

Yarvin’s idea is that what is needed to overthrow the current neo-liberal order is an aesthetic to replace the aesthetic our current elites espouse. This is the confusing part.  When he talks of aesthetics and art he’s talking about books and music and movies.  You are probably asking yourself how does this get Nancy Pelosi off of the Speaker’s podium?  And that’s a fair question.  As much as I’d love to write the ultimate science fiction novel that shifts the balance of power from the Left to us, I don’t see how that happens.  Yarvin points to Bronze Age Mindset as a sort of first attempt at moving the aesthetic in our direction.  And maybe it is.  Apparently, it was very popular with younger men and showed there is a market for dissident ideas out in the real world.

Okay, so why should I care about any of this?   Well, because I kinda know what he’s saying.  The people who want to tell us what to do, say and think aren’t going to believe us when we say their ideas are wrong.  They think that what we believe and who we are is stupid.  They are convinced that what they believe and who they are is smart.  We are going to have to make our case in the court of public opinion.  We are going to have to show them that our ideas are better and stronger than theirs.

From the point of reason, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince people that things like screwing up the hormones of an eight-year-old boy and then castrating him is not sane.  But remember, we don’t have the microphone so we don’t get to tell the story on tv.  We’ll have to work on back channels like blogs and self-published books and podcasts.

But of course, that isn’t enough.  What I’m hearing from Yarvin is we’ll need to convince and recruit the intelligentsia in order to get the microphone we want and need.  That’s a pretty tall order but I think Yarvin’s got something there.  We have to get people who speak their language, academics and artists to make the case that our world view is sane and theirs is crazy.  Specifically, we’ll need some medical doctors and psychiatrists and ethicists to expose the nightmare logic at work.  We’ll need documentary and dramatic filmmakers to sway public opinion.  But first we’ll need judges and lawyers and cops and even politicians to have the courage to confront these lunatics who defend these practices and hold them accountable.

So, there’s the pipe dream we need to dream.  We have to turn the world upside down, or right side up if you look at it from our point of view.  And the first step is to identify the weakest points of the current system and attack them.  And to attack them we have to show the world what we would put in its place.  I would say that the beginning of such an enterprise requires a lawfare approach.  We’ll need a Circuit Court with jurisdiction over a blue state that has adopted the most flagrantly perverse law and have a lawyer challenge that behavior at the Circuit Court level and have it struck down.  That would trigger a storm that would catch the attention of national press and allow public opinion to hear our side of the story from the judges and the plaintiffs.  After the dust settles it will make a good book, an interesting documentary and maybe even a decent movie although we probably wouldn’t be able to get any A-listers involved.  But it’ll be a good start.

This idea highlights why it is such an important thing to have President Trump appointing judges to the Circuit and supreme Court in the numbers he is doing.  He is close to flipping the Ninth Circuit and that court rules over California and the rest of the Left Coast.  That is a place where a lot of wonderful damage can be done.  I think I see what Yarvin is talking about.


Now what do you think?  If you agree or sort of agree or even strenuously disagree, I’d like to hear from you.  This site is to allow me to have my say but also to here what everybody else thinks.  Leave a comment in the section below and get to have your two cents.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

The Soviets then the Russians have co opted the intelligentsia (and especially the Press) for decades. They began in the forties (half of FDR’s cabinet were closet commies) and really got it going in the 60s. Now the radical commie professors are the establishment and they are far more ruthless than conservatives when it comes to idea suppression and propaganda. They have no problem at all using violence as they did in the 60s and early 70s, as we see today when Trump supporters are physically attacked by proud leftists. The ends justifies the means, they believe, and they will… Read more »

David Zuniga
1 year ago

You have the right fundamental idea, but in choosing federal courts as venues, you get your civics backwards. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is aiming at the same end result, using the Founding Fathers’ pre-constitutional (actually, thousand-year-old) law enforcement institutions: Grand Jury and Militia. The novel aspects of our approach are first, we are working at the county rather than state level because the state palaces are in high rebellion too, for the most part; and secondly, we are deploying both institutions together for the first time. There is nothing new about the county Grand Jury (NOT federal!) or the constitutional Militias of… Read more »

Tyler, the Portly Politico

Great summary, photog. This excerpt was particularly encouraging: “[Trump] is close to flipping the Ninth Circuit and that court rules over California and the rest of the Left Coast.”

The Judges, like in Israel before the monarchy, rule. I don’t like that that’s the case, but it is, and if it’s going to be that way, I’d rather our guys be in charge than theirs. All the more reason I’m glad Trump is GEOTUS.

Tyler, the Portly Politico

A key excerpt that I thought was particularly true: “The easiest path to aesthetic dominance is mere truth. Above all, one feature makes any story ugly: lies. Most regimes are destroyed by their own accumulated mendacity, which renders them ugly, and undermines the aesthetic foundations of their support. “Once regimes begin to rely on force to reinforce their narrative, they are unlikely to ever be able to return to a freestanding story, which people just believe because it seems obviously true. “In the short run, lies can work wonders. In the long run they tend to show. Lies are also… Read more »

1 year ago

That is why re- electing this President is the most
Important for our Country.
Social Justice Warriors is just another way of saying Communist are good Free Market Bad.
Let me put it another way which one of the above
had more Freedom in it.

Bill in Houston
Bill in Houston
1 year ago

We need to take back the media as well. Also shift the over-reliance on social media to actual social interaction. I saw social media coming back in the 90s. Back then we had on-line bulletin boards, and I had contacts all over the country. Then came the early internet and “I was just talking to Zog. He’s an Inuit” commercials for IBM. It was just a matter of time before you had contacts pushing their news and events to you. Lo and behold, Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. And so on. Last year, the family went to a local hamburger… Read more »