Have They Had Enough Yet?

Now that most of arson fires have gone out and Antifa is back in its parents’ basements, I’ve started to think about how the President’s campaign should address the riots.  Naturally there will be the usual lip service to the need to correct problems with police practices and ways of identifying rogue officers, etc., etc., etc.

But if I were framing the argument, I’d put it to the voters like this.  Even knowing that there are dishonest and even criminal police officers out there, would you rather live in a place policed by the current police force or by some combination of BLM and Antifa?

In places like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Minneapolis they might vote for BLM and Antifa.  But they won’t in Michigan or Pennsylvania or even Wisconsin.  Hell, even most of the people in Minnesota outside of Minneapolis must be appalled.  The people in those states watched as the mayors of blue cities in their states capitulated to the rioters and let them loot stores and burn them down.  Even the governors treated the rioters with kid gloves hesitating to let the National Guard subdue the protests and arrest the perpetrators.  In these places I’m guessing that the dominant sentiment is how do we get new governors who will protect us from the monster that the progressive cities have created.  They’ve seen that the next place the rioters want to go is into the suburbs and countryside to terrorize the non-urban populations surrounding their hellhole homes.

I’d have a commercial that features Minneapolis and New York City in flames and police chiefs, mayors, governors and Joe Biden on their knees.  I’d show that Minneapolis police precinct being abandoned and then that idiot Mayor Frey running away from a crowd of BLM and Antifa followers.

And as valuable as this will be in the Presidential campaign, I think it will also be effective for the rest of the ticket.  Races for mayor and governor of several cities and states should be affected by the actions that several of the incumbents took during the riots.  And even office holders who aren’t up for re-election soon should worry that recall votes may be started against them.  As for congressional and senate seats, the same kind of commercials showing Pelosi and Schumer on their knees wearing their matching colorful prayer shawls should be highly effective.

And I’d make sure that the film clips showed all the gory details.  Show the picture of the white Antifa guys taking a sledge hammer to the security gates to let the looters into a store.  And the Antifa guys with the rock hammers tearing up curbstones to assault the police with.  Show that shop owner in Dallas crumpled on the sidewalk like a dead animal.  Show the old woman in Buffalo being beaten with a two by four by thugs.  Show the woman in Minneapolis in a wheelchair being tormented by a mob and doused with a fire extinguisher.  Show the footage of the retired police captain from St. Louis being gunned down trying to protect his friend’s store.  This one should be especially poignant considering that the officer is black.

Show a couple of the interviews with the sick old ladies living in the inner city neighborhoods that have just been looted and burned and listen to them cry because now their grocery store and their drug store are gone and they have to travel an hour by bus to get to a place that isn’t burned out.

Play the interview with the black businessman in Minneapolis whose sports bar was gutted and torched, whose life savings are now gone.

I’ve even got the tag line to end each of these commercials:

“Had enough?  Vote Republican and stop the madness.”

And all this has the added benefit that it’s actually 100% true.  Even in blue states the majority of the voters aren’t inner city denizens.  Most of the voters are middle- and working-class people.  When they finally have had enough of the madness, they will vote for someone who will stop it.  So, the only question is, have they had enough yet?


I held this up last night to see how the fallout from the Atlanta police arrest killing would play out.  This situation is going to repeat indefinitely.  Apparently, the new dynamic for black criminals is to resist arrest by any and all means.  Apparently suicide by cop is the new normal and considering the lives some of these folks live it probably doesn’t seem like a bad option.  That is going to make the BLM crowd shout twice as loud.  But it still leaves the same choice for the voters.  If you’re a middle-class American living in the suburbs are you happier with the police trying to maintain some semblance of order in the dangerous Democrat cities or would you like there to be warlords and thug armies in charge like in Mexico and other failed states.  Seems a pretty easy answer but maybe knuckling under is the new American way.  Time will tell.