11SEP2020 – Nineteen Years Later

What a strange world we live in.  When the 9-11 attacks happened all those years ago it was galvanizing.  The anger and determination it engendered was monumental.  And back then I still believed we were one nation.  There were hints that not everyone thought we were the aggrieved party.  And there were voices from the millennial generation that were unpatriotic in the extreme.  But the great majority of Americans were united in wanting to avenge a great wrong.

But think about where we are now.  Look at what is happening in places like New York, things being done with the explicit approval of the mayor and the rest of the city and state government.  New York is actually in worse shape than it was on 9-11-2001.  The city is empty.  People live in isolation and in fear of each other and of the next wave of violence that will happen whenever the Antifa and BLM terrorists decide it’s time.  Business has ground to a halt and anyone who has the economic means is leaving.

When I think about 9-11 now I just feel numb.  All those soldiers fought and were wounded and died to avenge a city that Bill de Blasio is destroying on his own.  New York has disgraced itself.  They dishonor the flag by kneeling through the anthem and they spit on the police that try to keep them from killing each other.  I was born in New York.  New York doesn’t exist anymore.  It’s just a failed state waiting to completely collapse.  It has even managed to delegitimize the solidarity Americans felt for it after 9-11.  Now it’s just a place where people are ashamed of the country that went to war to avenge it’s wounds.  It breaks my heart to say it but we shouldn’t have bothered.