Guest Contributor – War Pig – War, Civil War and the American Temperament

I have said that I do not want to see an actual civil war, because Americans are insensate fighters when aroused. Ever since the mightiest, best-trained and disciplined army and navy on earth, bolstered by thousands of German mercenaries, got their asses handed to them by a pack of libertarian farmers and fishermen with outdated hunting equipment, nobody has really had the mastery of the Americans. Something in our mongrel ancestry, perhaps. But whatever the reason, nobody cares to go toe to toe with America. People may count Vietnam as a loss but it was a political loss. The military won all the battles and could have easily defeated North Vietnam, paved it, painted it and given it to China as a parking lot. All that stopped us was political will. Politics is our great weakness. But toss out politics, cry havoc and lose the dogs of war and Americans are a terrible foe.

Our worst war for casualties was when we fought ourselves. It would be again. I admit it would be a rather short war unless the US military somehow was convinced to step in, then it would take longer but the outcome would be the same. If the left wants death, they can have it. But it will be theirs.

When the protesters tried a march in our small city (the county seat and about 15,000 people). They behaved. First, the police would not kneel to them when asked. Second, openly armed citizens (including me) kept an eye on the parade and protesters. They could see our pistols and ARs. The armed citizens provoked nothing. We were there to answer any trouble, not cause it. When the second protest was scheduled, they asked the police to restrain people from openly carrying arms. The police declined and the march was cancelled.

I would regret seeing an open civil war breaking out. Americans on Americans is not a nice scenario. All other armies who thought we’d be pushovers found out quickly that was not so. The Japanese found out in WWII that American Marines were more than a match for them, either one-on-one or as a unit. The Germans found out the same when facing Patton. The Chinese found out when we fought them back to the 38th parallel. The VC and North Vietnamese never won a battle against US forces. Saddam’s 4th largest army on earth found out when the US military went through them, twice, like a .50 caliber bullet through tin foil. Every time the Taliban and Al Qaeda attack US forces in Afghanistan they come off on the worst end of the fight. The casualty count is estimated to be well over 1,000 to 1 in our favor. Islamic fighters were told that if they rushed the Americans and made it a close quarters battle where our technology was moot, they could force the Americans to retreat. As a result, a lot of Islamics are standing in hell right now wondering what happened. Americans are as ferocious in close quarters battle as we are lobbing ammo at you from afar.

My first battle, in Tet in 1968 at Hue, Captured Vietnamese enemy were also told that Americans have no guts for close in fighting. My company took 50% casualties, but we and the rest of 2nd battalion /5th Marines took back Hue. Most of my company was under 21. I had just turned nineteen. We lost 216 Marines and a bit over a thousand non-lethal casualties. But we killed over 5,000 PAVN soldiers and likely wounded three times that many. That is why I do not want to see Americans fighting Americans if it can be helped. We are far too fierce as a people to turn upon ourselves. Our one experience of it should teach us a lesson.

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Rick Belton
Rick Belton
1 year ago

Excellent article.


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