Guest Contributor – TomD – Hand Gun Training

Got my first .22 when I was single digits old, was raised hunting, Marine Corps, and now life long competitive shooter with shotguns and rifles, so I know a little. I reload all my ammunition too.

I never start someone off with a full power pistol, trying to learn the basics of shooting while dealing with very loud muzzle blasts and recoil is a bit much. I always try to teach the basics with a .22 pistol before going to full power weapons.

The Browning below is one of my 22’s but it’s just 1 of a zillion perfectly good 22 pistols available. You learn to shoot, the ammo is cheap, not loud, just enough recoil to learn to expect it. If your first shot ever is from the 357 revolver below, you just may be intimidated enough to not really want to repeat the experience.



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1 year ago

This plus, while the 22 isn’t gonna immediately drop anyone failing a brain hit, a couple of center of mass hits and the recipient has an excellent chance of dying. Plus, most fights are settled by just the sight of an armed opponent. While a 22 is far from the ideal self protection caliber, it is infinitely superior to nothing.

Training is everything.

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Edward Brault
Edward Brault
1 year ago
Reply to  TomD77

As age has depleted my grip strength and shoulder mobility, I find I’ve gone back to a 22LR revolver I got from my grand-dad. 8 round cylinder and sighted in to 25 feet, which is the longest open distance inside my house. I shoot a tight enough group to put four hits where it will count, and have a few left if needed.