The Outrage Comedy of the Capitol Riot

Today we have every corner of the establishment, Republican and Democrat, rending their garments, tearing their faces and ripping out their hair, denouncing the horror of bison man sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s speaker’s chair.  Granted, the police decided to end the comedy with a real tragedy when they murdered Ashli Babbitt.  But up until that point we were witnessing a replay of what the Left allowed and even encouraged to go on during the “Summer of Floyd” follies that they imposed on their own cities.  They allowed the mental defectives in Antifa and BLM to ransack police stations and even Seattle’s City Hall with complete impunity and then they celebrated the chaos as justified.

They’ve allowed race baiters to pull down statues of Abraham Lincoln and other leaders but we’re supposed to be upset because the Capitol trespassers may have stolen Nancy Pelosi’s gavel.  The Left burned down countless businesses, beat and even murdered innocent Americans and stole whatever loot they could get their hands on but we’re supposed to be upset that they broke some windows in the US Capitol.  It’s hilarious just how tone deaf they really are.

Even most of the commentariat on the right is twisting itself into a pretzel to denounce the President and protestors for their dastardly act of subversion.

Please.  Who cares?  The Left just stole in plain view, the election for President of the United States and will be installing a dishonest dementia patient in that office.  Two hundred years ago our ancestors would have burned the Capitol to the ground with the Senators and Congressmen still in it.  These gangsters are just lucky that we’ve allowed a hundred years of propaganda to enervate the spirit of the men in this country.

The good news is that most of the news coverage of these events is completely unwatched by actual human beings.  Various bots of the tech companies are the only ones suffering through this nonsense.  But it is indicative of the absurdity of the times we live in that the idiots on the right like McConnell, Graham and even Cruz think they need to throw President Trump and his followers under the bus to keep from being on the wrong side of history.

This reaction on the right makes it clear as crystal that these people are clueless and these people are useless puppets.  They live in the echo chamber that is Washington DC and they are beyond any hope of understanding how their constituents actually feel.

But I will say it again.  We don’t care.  We don’t care that the Capitol was breached by a mob.  We don’t care that you were scared by bison man.  We don’t care that someone took a dump on your desk.  We don’t care if they stole your phone.  You deserve much worse.

We do care that you allowed a young woman to be murdered and nothing will be done about that murder.  There won’t be a national day of mourning or a vow to prosecute her killer or a public funeral or a sponsored riot to punish her enemies.

When Dementia Joe blasphemes his way through the oath of office, the legitimate period of the United States of America will officially come to an end.  In Post-America the order of the day will be to pore over the videos of Dementia Joe for comedic gems to be included in blooper reels.  This will help to ease some of our pain as the totalitarian regime systematically extinguishes our remaining freedoms.  But until they solve the technical problem of erasing memories, I will cherish the image of bison man running wild through the rotunda.  Such are the small pleasures of life still left to us.

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Tyler, the Portly Politico

Dang, well put, photog. I agree completely. Here’s my more tortured take on what happened:

Tyler, the Portly Politico
Reply to  photog

School is going well. We’re virtual the first couple of weeks back from Christmas Break due to The Virus, but we should be back to in-person instruction the Tuesday after MLK Day. I only have one ten-week class at the local technical college this semester, and it doesn’t start until February. That’s all to say that it’s been a fairly leisurely transition back from Christmas. I will be happy to be back on campus, but it’s nice teaching from home for a bit. I can cover material way more quickly online, and I don’t have to worry about students constantly… Read more »

Evan Price
Evan Price
1 year ago

It was totally cool to invade the Capitol during the Kavanaugh confirmation, however. That’s different.

Mary Kuhns
Mary Kuhns
1 year ago

What will be left in four years?