Karol Markowicz says “The Future is Florida”

In her Washington Examiner post the New York Post writer extols the combination of sane Republican leadership by Governor DeSantis, sensible COVID policies and pro-business laws.  These things have made Florida a destination for refugeees fleeing New York and the other locked down Democrat-run nightmare states that litter the map of blue state America.

In a recent  discussion I had with some friends there was a debate about heading for a “libertarian” state like New Hampshire based on low taxes and 2nd amendment rights.  But many of us know that New Hampshire is in the final throes of becoming Massachusetts North.  Whereas several people were much more enthusiastic about Florida and Texas.  These were big strong states that haven’t already gone blue like New Hampshire already has.

It’s a fun article because it acknowledges the clear advantages to living in Florida over places like New York and California with their insane tax policies, Stalin-era social controls and COVID lockdowns.  If you are thinking of moving to a better place this is a good intro to Florida’s selling points.



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2 years ago

I’m a Southerner, currently living in NW Florida.

If you move down here from the North East, please, please don’t bring your politics with you.

Last governors election here in 2018, we came within a fraction of a percent of electing a radical leftist. I simply can’t understand why people would flee the taxes and choking bureaucracy that have so degraded their home states only to attempt to install the same policies and attitudes.

Tyler, the Portly Politico
Reply to  TomD

I second that sentiment, Tom, for here in South Carolina. It hasn’t gotten as bad here yet as it is in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, but I fear we’re drifting more in that direction as progressive retirees and the leadership of companies increasingly relocate to our sunny beaches. Charleston is a deep blue now. The rest of the State is pretty red, though, other than predominantly black sections of towns and cities. But a black Southern Democrat is more culturally conservative by far than a white Northern Democrat.