12FEB2021 – photog’s Friday Finds

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It’s Culture Week here at photog’s Friday Finds.  Way more Culture Items than Political Items.


Stop Calling It an ‘Insurrection’  (Kurt Schlichter at Townhall)

(Sums up how ridiculous it is to call the theatrical riot that went on on January 6th an insurrection.)

Secede Or Die

(Ben Garrison at GrrrGraphics)  (This cartoon and the accompanying post matches what I think of our present situation.  Washington is criminalizing our freedoms and our lives.  Why shouldn’t we leave?)


TBT: Romney’s Perfidy Runs in the Family

(The Portly Politico)  (Tyler has an historical piece that talks about Romney and his father and how Rockefeller Republicanism runs in the family)


The Culture

The Culture War is Coming For You Whether You Like it Or Not

(Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation) (For those who are unfamiliar with him, Larry is a science fiction and fantasy novelist who came face to face with the woke establishment in his industry and did battle with them during the so-called “puppy wars” of a few years back. He was able to shed so much light on the corrupt publishing industry controlled Hugo Awards that they have become a byword for rewarding talentless leftist hacks. When he goes on a rant against the Left it’s usually a lot of fun to read.)

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

(Vanderluin at American Digest) (Watch this video just to revive your hope that soon we’ll tell the COVID police to go to hell.  Very uplifting)

The Babylon Bee Guide To Being Woke

(The Babylon Bee)  (The title says it all.  My favorite rule: Select the most oppressed identity possible: Test people’s loyalty to the cause by identifying as a walrus and cancel anyone who doesn’t make walrus noises every time they see you.)


Who’s up for some “Pearl Milling Company” syrup on their pancakes?

(Allahpundit at HotAir)  (Just reading about the cowardice of the modern corporate rabbits is somehow comforting.  When the revolution comes these jellyfish will do whatever they are told.)

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2 years ago

Prediction: Pepsico will lose sales and market share with “Pearl Milling Company” Syrup and Pancakes. The label looks like supermarket generic, there is no brand recognition and, tbh, Pearl Milling Company sounds like a maker of soap or detergent.

2 years ago
Reply to  photog

Full disclosure: I am a maple syrup snob. I buy the real (100%) maple syrup. Not the lightly flavored sugar water that PepsiCo sells. I usually buy from small, family run orgs when I can. If you’ve never tried Real Maple Syrup – you are missing out and owe it to yourself to try it. But I do not understand when companies shoot themselves in the foot like this. Anyone can see that this will lose them market share. Its like the horrible Gillette ad of a few years ago. I switched to Schick the day I saw it. Anyone… Read more »