03MAR2021 – Free at Last, Free at Last

Texas and Mississippi have both announced that as of 3/8/2021 all mask and other restrictions on people and businesses for the COVID farce will be done with.

Oh man am I jealous.  But this is really good news.  As more and more states end this charade the remaining losers will look stupider and stupider.  I wonder what Fauci is going to do after this to garner attention.  He’ll probably want to declare the common cold a pandemic.  After all several cold viruses are corona viruses.  We can’t be too careful.

I’m going to celebrate the good news by burning my stash of face masks.  I’ll just keep the one raggedy one I’ve been using for the last year.  It’s tattered and I had to staple the elastic back on twice.  But I think it’s a feature not a bug that it gives the impression that I’m really not worried whether it does anything or not.  I’m thinking of punching some holes in it to make it easier to breath through.  Or maybe I can paint on a face mask every day I need to go out there.  You know, like those fake bathing suits they paint on models and movie stars.  It’ll look close enough to being a real mask that no one will be impolite enough to ask me if it’s real.  And if anyone does I’ll just talk in a muffled tone so they really get confused.

So kudos to Governors Abbott and Reeves for finally getting up the courage to end this nonsense for their citizens.  Now if only the losers in the northeast also wake up and smell the fresh air.

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2 years ago

To be brutally honest, our Texas governor seems to enjoy wielding the power he gets when an emergency is declared. Abbot could have opened the state and dropped the mask mandate months ago. And he should have.
Its no secret that he has national aspirations. We Texans think that the only reason he announced the changes is that he did so poorly in the CPAC straw poll.
So. . . Better late than never, and he still looks like he is ahead pf the pack, but Governors DeSantis and Noem are the real leaders.

2 years ago
Reply to  photog

Oh, I’m sure there are a ton of people who could do a better job as governor. The issue is that Abbot is the head of the GOP in Texas. Remember: ‘When you strike at the king, you must kill him’. In other words – I doubt anyone will primary him for fear of being destroyed.Then there is the concern that a democrat could slip in as governor without the GOP having the edge of incumbency. Personally, I like Ken Paxton our AG. Oddly enough the job Abbot had before he ran for governor. But I don’t see Paxton challenging… Read more »