Hat Tip to Vox Day on an Article About Virtue Signaling Gone Terribly Wrong

Vox Day links and quotes a very funny article about an outdoor apparel company, North Face, that disdained to treat an oil and gas company with just reasonable courtesy and in turn was exposed for its absurd hypocrisy.  I guess North Face wasn’t aware that polymers are almost 100% manufactured out of oil.  In fact without petrochemicals we’d all be looking and living like relics from the early 19th century.  But woke dolts think all these things they enjoy are made magically from unicorn farts and rainbow penumbras.  Sucks being stupid.




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1 year ago

Hey North Face: Stop your virtue signaling!
As mentioned above, Polyester comes from oil. There is no “Green” polyester.
It does not come from a plant it does not rot or break down naturally.
So guess what happens when it wears out or goes out of fashion?
Landfills, that’s what.
Every year, the rag trade pushes 38 million metric tons of polyester into landfills.
North Face is not a “Green” company, nor is it socially responsible.