The NeverTrumpers Threaten to Leave the Republican Party!

Oh no!  We might lose Charlie Dent, Michael Steele, Mary Peters, Denver Riggleman and Christine Todd Whitman from the Republican party.  And even worse we could lose Anthony Scaramucci!  Apparently kicking Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the House Republican conference has outraged the NeverTrumpers … again.  And they threaten to flounce out of the party and this time they’re going to start their own party!

Well, that does sound scary.  But in line with my policy of creative spite I feel like we shouldn’t waste this opportunity to mock, humiliate and infuriate these losers.  After all, what exactly does it mean for them to leave the Republican party again?  Didn’t they vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016?  Didn’t they vote for Joe Biden in 2020?  How exactly can they increase their opposition to the Right.  Will they double their already constant presence on CNN and MSNBC?  Is that possible?  Will they be able to forego sleep to create this omnipresent ranting?

The story is they are threatening to take their 100 “leaders” and decamp for a new “party” that will thereby hobble the Republicans in the 2022 elections.  Well, good riddance.  After we separate the pundits and geriatric has-beens from this gang of one hundred, exactly how many actual politicians will we have?  Liz Cheney?  Adam Kinzinger?  I’ll bet Mitt Romney won’t be there.  Not even Susan Collins.  They know where their bread is buttered.  They’ve got their cushy spots in the Republican herd.  Only the losers who know they’re headed for primary defeat will join this loser club.  And even these won’t stay very long after it’s apparent that all it guarantees is that they will have to sit at the geek table in the cafeteria.  I did see William Weld, Evan McMullin and Tom Ridge on the list.  Weld was the governor of Massachusetts back in the early 1990’s.  Evan McMullin ran pitifully against Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential race.  Tom Ridge served in the George W. Bush administration as, I think, head of Homeland Security.  After that the list is a blank to me.

I really think we should encourage this thing as much as possible.  I’m only disappointed that the well-known NeverTrumpers in the press didn’t add their impressive weight to this list.  Knowing that Bill Krystal, Jonah Goldberg and company were going to stop claiming to be Republicans would be a great blessing.

Wait, I’ve just found two great names, Mona Charen and Max Boot.  I didn’t know Charen claimed to be a Republican.  That’s news to me.  And how exactly do we still have Max Boot?  He’s been foaming at the mouth since 2016 and I thought he had declared a fatwah against the Republicans in 2018.

Looking at this list I think we might actually gain votes.  Knowing that your vote was against Max Boot might be enough to get a really lazy man up off his couch and cast his vote just out of spite.  I only hope that they field a really inspirational presidential candidate in 2024 like John McCain.  Sure he’s dead but he’s got real name recognition and he’s guaranteed to get a few votes in Arizona, maybe.  But then again 2024 is a really long time from now.  I’m not sure this grand coalition will last that long.  Let’s just hope they can get Liz Cheney to run on the REPAIR platform in 2022.  That’s the acronym for “Stand Up Republic & The Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform.”  That ‘s the name of this thing.  I think they should rename it Stand Up in Defense (of something or other) and they could us the acronym STUPID.

Here’s the full list of the signatories to this august new venture.

David Almacy

Daniel Barkhuff

Steve Bartlett

Christopher Bayley

Michael Belitzky

Nate Bell

John Bellinger

David Billings

Mike Bober

Tatyana Bolton

Max Boot

Valerie Boyd

Tim Boyle

Joel Brenner

Shellie Bressler

Randy Brockway

Michael Burchstead

Lucy Caldwell

Tom Campbell

Steve Carey

Arne Carlson

Davy Carter

Rod Chandler

Mona Charen

Michael Chertoff

Eliot Cohen

Tom Coleman

Barbara Comstock

George Conway

H. Bryan Cunningham

Marilee Cunningham

Soren Dayton

Charlie Dent

Murray Dickman

C.J. Diegel

Charles Djou

T. Greg Doucette

David Durenberger

Mickey Edwards

Chip Felkel

Mindy Finn

John Fluharty

Emil Frankel

Christopher Gagin

Stuart Gerson

Wayne Gilchrest

Jim Glassman

Jim Greenwood

Michael Hayden

Jim Hendren

Thomas Hill

Rachel Hoff

Jennifer Horn

Reed Howard

Joe Hunter

Edward Tobin III

Bob Inglis

Charles Jeter

Karen Johnson

Bryan Jones

Laura Holmes Jost

Paul Jost

Bobbie Kilberg

William Kilberg

John Kingston

Karen Kirksey

Jim Kolbe

Hannah Kummer

James Kunder

Justin Kurth

Gene Kussart

Rick Lazio

James Leach

John LeBoutillier

Eli Lehrer

Marty Linksy

R.J. Lyman

Mike Madrid

Bruce Maloch

Chad Mayes

Heath Mayo

Molly McKew

Evan McMullin

David Meeks

Jerid Miller

Paul Mitchell

John Mitnick

Connie Morella

Mike Murphy

John Negroponte

Sophia Nelson

Elizabeth Neumann

William O’Reilly

Robert Orr

Eileen Padberg

Richard Painter

Robert Patricelli

James Peppe

Susan Del Percio

Jacob Perry

Mary Peters

Thomas Petri

Trevor Potter

Kristopher Purcell

Sam Reid

Reid Ribble

Tom Ridge

Scott Rigell

Denver Riggleman

Ted Roosevelt

Jonathan Rose

Paul Rosenzweig

Andrew Sagor

Mark Sanford

Matthew Sarelson

Anthony Scaramucci

Glenn Schatz

Lynn Schmidt

Claudine Schneider

Gabriel Schoenfeld

Joel Searby

Tara Setmayer

Rina Shah

Jeffrey Shane

Robert Shanks

Neal Simon

Shermichael Singleton

Peter Smith

Michael Steele

Miles Taylor

Jeff Timmer

Olivia Troye

Stanley Twardy, Jr.

Michelle Udall

Chris Vance

Kathy Varga

Josh Venable

Joe Walsh

Matt Walton

Mark Weatherford

Jack Weinstein

Bill Weld

Christine Todd Whitman

Gregory Wilson

Cole Wist

Charles Work

Bob Worsley

Julie Wright

Bob Yudin

Dov Zakheim

Dick Zimmer

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1 month ago

Oh no! Whatever will we do if we lose these great lights of the GOP?
My bet is that they won’t start their own party. Half those people generate their income from going on CNN as a “Republican” who disagrees with whatever the GOP is trying to do. (Close the boarder, lower taxes, freedom of speech – that kind of evil stuff.)
If they switch to another party they won’t be able to do that anymore.
And CNN isn’t going to pay thousands of dollars for “This person with a vaguely recognizable name from a party you never heard from.”

1 month ago

Lose Scaramucci? The horror, the horror! What’s next, Mitt Romney?

Nolan Parker
Nolan Parker
1 month ago

If they are just waiting for offers to help them pack, I’m All In. Whatever they need to get on with it,, I’m ready to help.

Floyd R Turbo
Floyd R Turbo
1 month ago

Is the William O’Reilly the same guy that used to be on FNC?

1 month ago

This is quite the “loser” list! Scott Rigell – always wondered why he bailed out after a couple of terms…

Roy from away
Roy from away
1 month ago

Bill Weld. Was governor of Mass. Clinton offered him a possible position, so he resigned the governorship and scurried off to DC – but he didn’t get the job. I thought he was gone from the GOP then.

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