Who We Are (And Who Isn’t Part of Us) – Part 1

Recently (well about a week and a half ago) I was talking to an old friend and he was talking about how all these leftists were on our side.  Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi and various homosexuals and lesbians were all up in arms about being cancelled and didn’t I think it was great that we were getting all this support from former enemies.

And I said no, these weren’t friends or even allies.  These were people just slightly to the right of Trotsky who were upset because they hadn’t gotten the orders from Left Central about how they were supposed to go along with virtually anything the Left said while Donald Trump was still in office.

Sure, I thought it was admirable that Greenwald and Taibbi had shown journalistic integrity in refusing to say that two plus two equals five but it’s not as if they believe anything else that I believe in.  They believe that America is a racist, intolerant country full of ignorant rubes who need to be reprogrammed.  They just don’t want the cancel culture to reprogram them too.

So, this got me thinking.  How do we define us?  Or rather how do I define us?  Because I’m sure that everyone on the Right has a slightly different definition of what he thinks the Right is.  This is actually a pretty important idea.  In the past conservatives have ended up in the wilderness or have followed a fake conservative based on whether they were more or less particular about who was inside their tent.

There are different ways to approach this sort of thing.  A politician would look at it from a strategic point of view because he is trying to maximize his voter base.  Of course, that is how you end up with gay marriage and Bruce Jenner in a sundress.  From my point of view, I guess I’ll look at two criteria.  The first is who wants things that I can’t tolerate.  The second is who won’t tolerate things that I want.

Let’s look at the first criterion.  What are the policies that will keep you out of my coalition of the annoyed?  There are some pretty big balloons floating around in this one.  Anyone who wants gay marriage is out.  Anyone who wants to legalize pedophilia is out.  Anyone who favors slavery reparations is out.  Anyone who wants to make illegal aliens citizens is out.  Anyone who favors affirmative action is out.  Anyone who wants gays in the military is out.  Anyone who wants to drop the physical requirements for the military is out.  Anyone who wants women in combat units is out.  Anyone who believes there are more than two sexes is out.  Anyone who thinks children should be allowed to be sexually mutilated because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking they belong to a different sex is out.  Anyone who thinks BLM and Antifa shouldn’t be rounded up and imprisoned for life is out.  Anyone who thinks George Floyd was an innocent victim is out.

Hey that’s a pretty good list.  Now let’s look at the second criterion.

Anyone who says that hate speech is a crime is out.  Anyone who says the second amendment doesn’t mean Americans can own and carry guns is out.  Anyone who says that I don’t have the right of free association is out.  Any one who says the government can close down my business and force me to wear a mask indefinitely is out.  Anyone who says that America is a terrible place with a terrible history is out.  Anyone who says that white people are evil because of their race is out.  Anyone who says that anyone is morally better or worse without reference to that person’s actual actions is out.  Anyone who enforces speech codes like forcing me to use “preferred pronouns” is out.  Anyone who wants to teach that any of the things included here are good things is also out.

And that’s a pretty good start on that side too.

I called this Part 1 because it’s meant to be a talking paper.  I’m interested in what other people think of my list.  Would they add or subtract anything for their own list?  That discussion would be a good subject for Part 2.  So look over my list and comment.  What have I left out that’s on your list?  What would you remove?  Have your say.

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War Pig
War Pig
14 days ago

It would be interesting to see how women fare in the infantry in actual combat as an example of why we should not do it again. It would be expensive for the women involved but since infantry is voluntary, too bad. Women have their uses in even spec ops. Delta has a “fuzzy section”. Women can be brave and intelligent. However, physically, they are no match for men in a fight. I am 70-something and I could whip pretty much any 20 year old woman in an all-out fight. When I was 60 I proved it to a MMA femme… Read more »

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