The Crisis of the 21st Century

The Twentieth Century was the American Century.  And the Ruling Elite created the American Dream to fuel it.  They fed us the Walt Disney/Norman Rockwell version to get us to fight World War II and then they handed us the Right Stuff version to get to the moon and beat the Soviets.

But somewhere near the end of the last century this elite decided that they really didn’t want to be Americans.  They wanted to be the masters of the universe and rule Planet Earth in its entirety.  We got a preview of this when George H. W. Bush spoke of the “new world order.”  Well, the cat is now thoroughly out of the bag.  Our services are no longer required.  The people who own most of the wealth and control everything of importance are saying in no uncertain terms to get lost.

And to be totally honest my first impulse is to say goodbye.  Who wants to be somewhere you’re not wanted?  But as a practical consideration where can I go?  I guess I can return to the land of my ancestors.  I hear the pasta there is really good.  But the problem is that after four generations you become the place you’re from.  I’ll always be a twentieth century American.  That was the world I grew up in and knew.  I wouldn’t know how to be an Italian at this point if I tried for the rest of my life.  And the same goes double for anyplace else.  Sure, I might be able to make a living and I might be able to find a place there but it would never be home.  Leaving this country would be the last desperate act of a man with no other choice.  And I assume this is the case for tens of millions of other Americans who are no longer welcome in the land they were born in.  Where can they go?  The answer is nowhere.  We’re stuck.

What our betters hope happens to us is a quick death.  Their best case is opioid overdose.  The worst case is a marginal life as a welfare case with a shortened lifespan and no descendants.  This is the fate of people that no longer fit in with the plan.  And they’ve already made a decent start to the plan.  Lots of devastated areas of the rust belt are curling up and dying.  Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania, large swaths of Appalachia, the upper Midwest and various places around the country are shocking remnants of what they were fifty years ago.  Some of them are almost depopulated.

But something happened back in 2016 that wasn’t supposed to happen.  Donald Trump held up a mirror to men like Jeb Bush and John Kasich and exposed them for the con men that they were.  They were in on the racket and were meant to block the emergency exit that people flee to when the building is on fire.  In the past when the Democrats got tired of the working-class people the people could go to the Republicans and get relief.  But the Bushes were given the franchise by the Democrats to hold that exit closed.  Both George Bushes did an excellent job at that station.  Now it was Jeb’s turn but Trump blew his cover.  He told us the true story.  And we got four years of relief and daylight.  We got a reprieve.

But in 2020 the Deep State cemented up the emergency exit and here we are.  We’re stuck inside a burning house and there’s no way out.  If anyone is going to save us it’s going to be ourselves.  No help is coming from Washington.  That’s where the fire is coming from.  If no one steps forward to lead us out then the only thing left is to jump out a window.  And when there is no other choice that’s what you do.  That’s what I consider leaving the country is.  It’s jumping out the window of a burning building.

But here’s the thing about arson.  If the victims survive the fire, they’re going to come looking for the arsonist.  And there’s a chance his house is made of wood too.  Our masters have depended on the fact that we’re too busy trying to raise our families and live our lives to notice that our masters don’t like us anymore.  Well, we know that now and maybe we’ll find some new masters.  And maybe the old ones are going to go where mobs usually send aristocrats.  Why let a good crisis go to waste?