India Claims Ivermectin is Effective Against COVID

India has over four times the population of the United States and medical infrastructure that’s orders of magnitude less capable but India currently is experiencing less than a fifth the daily deaths that the United States is.  Here’s what India attributes it to:

Uttar Pradesh was the first state in the country to introduce large-scale prophylactic and therapeutic use of Ivermectin. In May-June 2020, a team at Agra, led by Dr Anshul Pareek, administered Ivermectin to all RRT team members in the district on an experimental basis. It was observed that none of them developed Covid-19 despite being in daily contact with patients who had tested positive for the virus,” Uttar Pradesh State Surveillance Officer Vikssendu Agrawal said.

He added that based on the findings from Agra, the state government sanctioned the use of Ivermectin as a prophylactic for all the contacts of Covid patients and later cleared the administration of therapeutic doses for the treatment of such patients.

Claiming that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave has helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite its high population density, he said, “Despite being the state with the largest population base and a high population density, we have maintained a relatively low positivity rate and cases per million of population”.


Last January a local doctor in his mid seventies told me that Ivermectin was the magic bullet for the COVID pandemic.  So he knew, India knows and a bunch of other people have been saying it but the powers that be don’t like that answer.  So mask up America, mask up.

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1 year ago

Ivermectin is a horse de-wormer and cannot possibly be used on humans. Never mind that it is also used to treat scabbies, filariasis and river blindness. In fact, for the developing world it is a wonder drug. BTW, horses eat oats. Does that mean I should stop eating oatmeal as that is “Horse food”? Last year I had Covid and took HCQ but I must be insane because it isn’t approved for Covid treatment and could actually harm me. Never mind that people in Africa take it as a preventative for malaria and have done so for decades. It seems… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  photog

Good point. I wonder how Tami-flu would do against it.