The Right’s Two Missions

I don’t know who first said that the best defense is a good offense but for the most part he was right.  It is my contention that if we intend to defeat the Leftists two separate efforts will be necessary.  One will be supporting the social and cultural objectives that we need to sustain and improve our lives.  So that includes all the efforts needed to support our agenda and defend it against the Left.  All of our efforts to defend the constitutional freedoms, all the programs that will improve the chances of normal Americans to prosper in the new reality of America in this globalized environment.  Let’s call all of these the defense.  We’re defending ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic.

But there’s the other mission.  Let’s call it the offense.  And that’s something that hasn’t happened up till now.  What is needed is a concerted effort to attack the institutions and the individuals on the Left.  And as far as a template just model it on how the Left attacks individuals and institutions on the Right.  No one is surprised when right-wing people are tossed off Facebook or Twitter.  And equally no one is surprised when the state organs of government in Colorado sue and harass a small businessman like that wedding baker.  And it’s just business as usual as lawfare is levelled against organizations from the Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts to Chick-fil-A and hounded out of existence or neutered by various states and jurisdictions.  No one is surprised because the Left has made these attacks their stock in trade.  But when is it done by the Right?  Never.

What is needed is a concerted effort to level legal and other actions against leftist organizations and individuals who are vulnerable to this approach.  For instance, why haven’t Texas and Missouri and other red states taken legal action against the individuals and groups that make up antifa and BLM.  Why aren’t those people in jail?   And why doesn’t someone go after the Fortune 500 corporations that have funded them?  Why isn’t anyone representing the people in Minneapolis and Chicago and New York City who were harassed and assaulted and burned out of their businesses?  Why shouldn’t the governors and mayors and city councils of those places be sued personally for allowing the outrages to occur by restraining the police from doing their jobs?  It’s not happening because the national leadership of the Right isn’t an organized body.  It’s just people scattered haphazardly across this country without the strategic awareness of what is needed to counteract the forces that the Left has brought to bear.  And until we start attacking the Left on an organized and professional basis we’ll always be on the defensive.  There should be a bank of lawyers that are spending time representing people on our side who have grievances that will generate settlements of large amounts of cash and legal remedies that will discomfort and maybe incarcerate criminals on the Left.

Think about it.  Why aren’t the antifa criminals in jail?  The January 6th trespassers are and what they did is a trifling offense compared to arson, homicide and grand theft.  Donald Trump is being investigated by the New York Attorney General for being a businessman but the Governor of Minnesota and the Mayor of Minneapolis allowed their citizens to be terrorized and denied their civil rights by a mob that was allowed to run amok.

The people who represent us need to start thinking strategically about how to strike back at the Left or we’re not going to win.

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Richard Belton
Richard Belton
1 year ago

Good ideas! Sue the living daylights out of these leftist and their criminal elements!!