How Do You Coexist with People Who Won’t Tolerate Your Existence?

An open question in my mind is a hypothetical.  Bear with me for a moment.  Let’s suppose that sometime in the coming months a portion of the country will begin to go its own way on federal laws that overstep what is tolerable by the people living there.  Maybe it will start with gun rights or abortion or illegal immigration.  Under this hypothetical, a state, let’s say Texas, will defy some federal laws and somehow manages to make it stick.  For the sake of argument let’s say that the federal government decides that ignoring the decision is in their short-term interests and they take no action.  And let us further suppose that this behavior is copied by the rest of the red states and after a certain amount of time it becomes the status quo with both red and blue states ignoring whatever federal laws they don’t agree with.  It’s not a very improbable supposition if you look at what’s going on with drug and gun laws in the blue states.  It only requires that some red state shows the backbone to defy the tyrants in Washington D.C.  So, this is the scenario.

Now here’s the question.  If these states start making their own laws, will they mimic the blue states and make these laws punitive against the subset of their citizens that have blue state lifestyles and values?  As an example of blue state behavior, I will mention Colorado’s repeated prosecution of a wedding baker for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding.  Even after the Supreme Court decided in his favor the authorities in Colorado are still harassing him.

Obviously if red states wanted to rearrange the social order, they could outlaw homosexual marriage.  They could reinstate sodomy laws, effectively criminalizing homosexuality.  They could ban pornography.  There are many steps that they could take to reverse the current legal status of many things they object to.

And that is my question.  Would they draw the line at preventing the rights of normal people from being trampled on?  This would involve restoring the bill of rights, that is, freedom of speech, religion, association.  And also restoring equal protection under the law by eliminating affirmative action for women and minorities.

Or would they go well beyond that to remove the innovations that the Left has pushed on us under the label of social justice?  This would include eliminating abortion, homosexual rights including marriage, so-called transgender status and other progressive mandates that have been forced through over the years.

Admittedly, this is all a hypothetical exercise.  Even the first group of changes that just restore the rights of normal people aren’t anywhere on the horizon in any red state right now.  But if our side ever gets going with reestablishing our rights then the question will be asked whether we want to limit the changes to things we’ve lost or extend it to reordering society so that those who despise us aren’t accommodated by the law.

So, there’s the whole question.  I’m not sure what the Red States would do in this scenario.  Maybe it will be a range of things depending on the state.  Maybe a place like Florida would be in the first case.  Whereas some place like Alabama might be closer to the second case.  One thing that might color the way people act is the knowledge that making it uncomfortable for people who have been persecuting you for the last fifty years might motivate them to leave and go live in a blue state.  And in fact, thinking about the policies like the one in Colorado leads me to believe that blue states have been doing this exact thing all along.  So, as the saying goes, “What goes around comes around.”  Who knows, whole cities like Austin might empty out overnight.

Anyway, what do you think is the likely behavior?


Would Freed Red States Tolerate Leftist Lifestyles?

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 month ago

The below short article influenced my vote to be “no”.

1 month ago

I think that the Red States, once provoked to the point of open rebellion, would be very unlikely to underreact and quite likely to persecute the people who provoked them in the first place. Like a VERY strongly compressed spring, the released kinetic energy would be very difficult to contain.

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