Even Saturday Night Live Has Started to Make Fun of Dementia Joe

Possibly we’ve reached the tipping point where even the most rabid supporters of the leftist narrative have thrown in the towel and admitted the emperor has no clothes, or brain for that matter.  Saturday Night Live performed a skit where a doddering, incoherent Biden meets his self from eight years ago and the world can see what he’s lost in those eight years, namely his brain.  I guess it’s possible that they don’t mean any harm to Team Biden but there are plenty of digs.  At one point the earlier Biden says to his current self, “I’m a lot like you only lucid.”  They even have a shot of one Biden sniffing the other guy’s head.  This doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of treatment that a popular Democrat president gets from the SNL team.  Seems more like Joe being declared DOA and the corpse getting thrown to the wolves.

Hard to say for sure, but I think it’s sinking in that the White House and the rest of this administration is “not ready for prime time.”  If the price of oil continues on its present course and the price of necessities continues to skyrocket if they are even available at all I can see Biden reaching Jimmy Carter territory very soon.

Of course, the Republicans are useless and so it’s up to the Democrats to keep shooting themselves in the foot but the way things are going I could believe they really will screw things up badly to give even the stupid party a chance to capitalize on what’s going wrong in the country.  It really is amazing to see what a mess they’ve made of the economy.  Stagflation wasn’t a word I ever expected to hear again but low and behold the economy is in the tank and inflation is out of control.

So hurrah for Dementia Joe, or Let’s Go Brandon or Jet Pack Joe or Beavis or whatever current mockery the American people think up next.  Once people are sure Biden is a vegetable and he can’t fix the problems that he has spawned they will be forced to think of how they can get themselves out of this mess.  At that point maybe someone intelligent from our side might be able to show some leadership and persuade the country we need to start doing things differently.  If not, then we are good and truly doomed and each of us needs to figure out Plan B.

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2 years ago

I wouldn’t read too much into this. SNL did something similar when the ghost of JFK visited Bill Clinton.
No wait. That was MADTV