27NOV2021 – Quote of the Day

Always judge your fellow passengers to be the opposite of what they strive to appear to be.

For instance, a military man is not quarrelsome, for no man doubts his courage; but a snob is.

A clergyman is not over strait- laced, for his piety is not questioned; but a cheat is.

A lawyer is not apt to be argumentative; but an actor is.

A woman that is all smiles and graces is a vixen at heart : snakes fascinate.

A stranger that is obsequious and over-civil without apparent cause is treacherous: cats that purr are apt to bite and scratch.

Pride is one thing, assumption is another; the latter must always get the cold shoulder, for whoever shews it is no gentleman: men never affect to be what they are, but what they are not. The only man who really is what he appears to be is — a gentleman.

Thomas Chandler Haliburton

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