So Now Physicists Are Saying the Big Bang is Just a Local Burp

Just reading this stuff makes me wonder if the scientific enterprise should be put on hold for a few millennia until we’ve usefully used the knowledge we accumulated before the twenty first century.  I mean nuclear and solid state physics have enough wonders to keep technology busy for fifty thousand years.  Maybe we should put our “geniuses” to work doing practical stuff for a good long time before we let them wallow in arrays of big bangs stretching into infinities of infinities in every dimension.

But if you like reading this stuff then have at it.  Einstein backed up his relativity theory with easily tested predictions.  When these bozos can point to a glob of dark energy then I’ll get interested.

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18 days ago

Don’t forget quantum! I’ve long been suspicious about dark energy and matter being just a construct to explain what may or may not be within our ability to understand. We know from quantum that things on a very small scale don’t work the same as on our scale. Would it be so surprising to find that the same applies to very large scale? To me, the observation that gravitational effects on the galactic scale seem to be different than on the planetary scale doesn’t automatically require the assumption of the existence of a new sort of unobservable and unprovable matter… Read more »

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