Larry Correia Advocates for a New Federal Agency: THE DOFYJS

Larry who is an accountant by training (and the author of books about monster hunters) explains why whittling down the federal bureaucracy is a life and death priority and thus proposes forming an agency of accountants to audit the rest of the federal government with the mission to eliminate 90% of it.  He calls it “The Department of F*** Your Job Security!

Well, I might quibble about the name but the point is well made.  The bureaucracy is a parasite that has finally undermined its host.  Along with the thousand and one maladies that the progressives have saddled us with supporting the useless bureaucrats has become the cancer that will finish us off.

Kudos to Larry for identifying the chemotherapy that is needed to treat this disease.

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Ed Brault
Ed Brault
1 year ago

“…Why don’t ya do right… Get outta here…get me some moneyyy, too…”