19NOV2022 – OCF Update


Today I escape from The Compound and bond with the old grandsons.  We’ll watch pathetic superheroes skitter around the big screen and eat some popcorn and then hang out at my local steakhouse and talk about their latest adventures.

It’s a source of wonder and joy that they actually like me.  Reliable sources inform me that’s not a typical result.  So we’ll spend some time and absorb some calories and maybe fifty or sixty years from now when I’m just a headstone in a field one of them will have a stray thought about me and maybe smile.  That would be perfect.

So things will be a little slow starting out today.  Enjoy your Saturday.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 months ago

I am 70 plus and I still have strong and cherished memories of my grandparents. My grandmothers for love and cooking, my two grandfathers for all the mischief they helped me and my brother get into. We still reminisce about our grandpaws (papaw in our family) and all they helped us get into and made sure we didn’t suffer the consequences. I can only hope my grandson will do the same when he has his own family, and tell his children all that he and I did together and the hilarity that ensued.

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