Musk Suspends Keith Olbermann. Universe Heaves Sigh of Relief

Alright, admittedly no one knew that Olbermann was still alive. It’s like Dan Rather. Once these guys fall off the front page they become like lint that gets trapped behind the dryer. They’re still there but no one really notices them unless there’s a fire or something.

How could you not love this?  Elon is fast becoming one of my favorite people.  Sure it could be better.  He could have shut down Dementia Joe, Obama and the Pope too.  But there’s definitely good stuff in this Musk guy.  This is kind of like a Christmas present to the normal world.

It makes me feel like Tiny Tim saying “God bless us, every one.”

There are reports he’s also banning anyone who doxxes people’s locations.  Apparently some Antifa types have been stalking Musk’s family.  And I’ve read he’s shutting down Antifa accounts in general.

We need more good billionaires.  Or maybe we need fewer evil billionaires.  Maybe when Soros finally kicks the bucket the balance will finally begin to return to the universe and the portal to hell that he maintains will collapse and Biden will be forced to revert to his true form as a giant armadillo with aviator glasses.  Well, that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

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3 months ago

Oh, that Tiny Tim… I kept hearing “tiptoe through the tulips”, I guess I was only hearing that in my head though. As far as the “giant armadillo with aviator glasses”, is “armadillo” a new definition for “sphincter”? If so, I completely agree, except he doesn’t need to revert as he is already there. In the late 1990s I went to a Halloween event and Tiny Tim was an act there. He was still singing in his falsetto, although he mixed it up with his actual voice which was quite low. He had also gotten quite fat which made him… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by NostraDumbass
3 months ago

Every time I see Space X land another used 1st stage booster on a barge in the middle of the ocean or on a small pad back on the Cape, I am in awe of Musk’s vision and creation.

Instead of considering Biden as a “giant armadillo with aviator glasses”, how about confused and shriveled plucked chicken in aviator glasses?

Last edited 3 months ago by TomD77