The Litmus Test Going Forward

For the last seven years we have been witness to an attempt to break this country loose from the power structure that controls almost every facet of our lives and inexorably drags the world further and further to the left.  We elected Donald Trump to be our savior.  He was going to close the border, restore the economy and free us from the mind control that the woke forces of Media and Industry had imposed.  He gave it a good try.  He was basically completely alone.  Almost all the people he appointed from the GOP establishment to work in his administration were working against him 24/7/52.  He did succeed in revealing to us just how corrupt and powerful were the bureaucrats who run the FBI, CIA, IRS and the other alphabet agencies that really run our government instead of the president.  And for that I am grateful to him.

But we now know that the Left permanently controls the federal election system.  Through ballot harvesting or whatever you want to call the voter fraud system they’ve enacted they appear to have a monopoly on control of the White House and the Senate going forward.  That’s the situation.

To my mind the only meaningful news from this point forward is when someone figures a way to gain ground on the Left.  What do I mean by gaining ground?  Well let me give an example.  Suppose one of the states decides to do something about illegal immigration.  For instance, suppose Texas legislates that anyone in the state found to be an  illegal alien was subject to arrest and incarceration until they agreed to voluntarily return to their country of origin permanently.  I would consider that gaining ground.  But it would only be a victory if that state manages to successfully defend such legislation from the legal onslaught that the federal government would surely bring to bear against it.  It would only count if they successfully implement the program and make it work.

So, you see what I mean.  At this point I’m only interested in results.  It’s been said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and we’ve been going down that road for a very long time.  I’m only interested in something that gets us off that road.  That’s my criterion.  I’m too tired of trumpeting the advent of someone on the Right talking about doing something.  Talk, as has often been noted, is cheap.  Results are not.

So that’s my new policy.  If I read about something promising.  I’ll be interested but excitement will be reserved for results.  All of the talk about election fraud lawsuits have garnered not one reversal of an election loss.  All of the articles about lethal vaccine side-effects haven’t resulted in the FDA protecting the public from these experimental treatments.  We’ve read about how the FBI and CIA called the shots at Twitter but there hasn’t been anyone in the government fired because of it.  There’s been a lot of talk but nothing has happened so there’s really nothing to talk about.

From time to time, I’ll still comment on things in the news.  But when something really happens, I’ll say that someone has gained ground.  In fact, I’ll start a new web tag on the site called Real Progress Against the Left.  I’ll include this post under that tag because it provides my policy and its definition.  But I don’t expect to add any other posts any time soon.  But I can always hope.

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Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
3 months ago

Good New Year’s Resolution Rule for all of us. Should speed up follow up.

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