Surrounded by Imbeciles

I was trying to relax tonight and take a break from the world.  I went to a high school athletic awards ceremony for one of my grandsons.  It was exactly as anyone who has been to such an event would expect.  Coaches make short speeches in praise of the athletes and the kids seem uncomfortable and awkward as they stand on stage and accept the awards and the applause of their peers and relatives.  From my perspective it was very rewarding.  To see the young people behaving civilly and appropriately while the outside world is descending into barbarism provides a splinter of hope for the future.

I came home in the glow of good spirits and was prepared to watch with Camera Girl, the pre-recorded episode of her current favorite tv show, Wheel of Fortune.  But alas, it had been pre-empted by a news report about Donald Trump being indicted by the Justice Department for possession of some supposedly classified documents.  We were fast-forwarding through the recording so I couldn’t hear any of the audio but I could read the banner under the video and that was what it was about.  But what can you do?  When you live in a banana republic these are the things that go on.  So, I looked for some other way to amuse myself, although my buoyant mood was substantially quenched.

I had recorded the Keanu Reeves remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Previously I had seen short segments of the film while looking for something to watch and it hadn’t looked too promising but I figured, “How bad could it be?”  Well, I found out.

The original movie had suffered from a lethal dose of sanctimonious pacifism.  This latter edition is orders of magnitude worse.  In addition to having the painfully wooden acting abilities of Reeves on full display for most of the film, it also tried to convince us that John Cleese was an Einstein-level physicist and that Kathy Bates was the Secretary of Defense (although the latter would make perfect sense in a second Biden term).

And in this remake the aliens aren’t going to destroy Earth.  They were going to save it by eliminating mankind.  They even went to the trouble to airlift animal species off the planet to save them for after the Earth had been swept clean of man.  And even after Klaatu is persuaded to save humanity from his swarm of ravenous nanobots, he imposes some kind of draconian solution that renders electrical generation, anywhere on Earth, impossible.  In other words, he saves us but pushes us back into the pre-industrial era.  Here is Gaia’s revenge.  Instead of Keanu Reeves why didn’t they cast Al Gore as Klaatu?  It would’ve been the perfect cherry on the sundae of this pile of crap.

And somehow, I found a perfect alignment between the Trump indictment and the sensibilities of this dismal mess of a movie.  We’re surrounded by imbeciles.  Only an imbecile would believe that the indictment was anything but naked partisan lawfare.  Only an imbecile would enjoy the self-loathing and junk science that informed this vacuous mess.

We’re in a lot of trouble.  The country is run by very bad people.  And unfortunately, the stupid obey them implicitly and the stupid are in the majority.  I’ve been trying to guess what the most likely outcome for all of this will be.  It almost seems that the destruction of our civilization will be accomplished momentarily.  The cities are crumbling and the economic wealth of the country is being drained off before our eyes.  Maybe the speed with which the damage is being done will panic even the stupidest leftist into changing course and throwing out the Democrats.

But somehow, I don’t see it.  I think they’ve figured out the bread and circuses routine sufficiently well to keep the Millennials and Zoomers sitting in their parents’ basements right through the apocalypse itself.  Lately the pediatric transitioning has elicited a response from people.  But is it just a reflex?  Is the brain already gone and this is just the muscles spasming?  Sorry, this is so dark.  But right now, I think we’re in a very dark place.

Lord, save us from the imbeciles.  They’re everywhere you look.

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1 year ago

Well said, though I would hardly call the first day based on pacifism when it was enforced by overwhelming force.

1 year ago

I figured, “How bad could it be?”
Never a good question to ask before watching a movie.
When I want to relax in front of the TV, I watch home improvement shows. At best, I may learn something. At worst, I can laugh at stupid people making stupid mistakes.