The Daniel Penny Lesson

Cop-bashing NYC Councilwoman Amanda Farías suddenly sees why we need the NYPD

As many as a few dozen women have been sucker punched while walking down the streets of New York City.

““Where are the men calling this out?” asks City Council Majority Leader Amanda Farías, retweeting a council Women’s Caucus’s post on the sick “sucker-punch a woman in the face” TikTok trend that urges victims to contact the NYPD.”

Now this is the same woman who said the city should, “significantly divest from police precincts” and vowed to “support “the reduction of NYPD’s operating budget and partnering alongside the community to create real solutions and justice for New Yorkers.””

And as far as men who aren’t in the NYPD but should be doing something about this?  I guess this is different from the Penny incident.  Last year, “Farias bemoaned the “lack of justice” for Jordan Neely, the violent homeless man accidentally killed when Daniel Penny stepped up to protect other straphangers.”

So Penny is going to trial for manslaughter and this dopey hypocritical woman wants to know where are all the men stepping forward to subdue psychotic street thugs who punch women for fun.

If only Farias could be one of the victims maybe that would allow her to get her head out of her butt.

Matt Walsh did a nice segment on this too.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 months ago

Like Ted Kennedy was all gung-ho for wind farms and any peasants who objected to them were evil global warmers. That is, until one was planned near Martha’s Vinyard where they would “ruin” the view from the estates of the oligarchy. Then he turned against them.

2 months ago

And like Bono was all for raising taxes in the UK to pay for social justice etc. But also lobbied for (And got) tax exemptions for “Artists”.
Taxes for thee but not for me.
I’m sick of the elite with two tiers of justice and two sets of taxes and two sets of rules.
Maybe I’d be OK with it if I ever came out on the winning side of the two, but I seem to have been born in the wrong tax bracket for that.

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