07NOV2018 – The Morning  After the Mid-Terms

So, where are we?  Well, we’ve got a comfortable margin in the Senate finally.  Once Montana and Arizona count the Indian county votes we should end up with 55 – 45.  The House has a thin Democrat majority but that’s still enough for Pelosi and company (or whoever they make Speaker) to annoy the President with investigations and completely stymie any legislation.  Basically what we had under Paul Ryan, so no big deal.

I guess the biggest change is that Trump doesn’t have to wait any longer if he wants to fire Sessions and the rest of the Justice Department.  And that’s a big question.  Does he want to do it?  I hope he does.  That would be exciting.  I think if he is going to do it it’ll be during the Lame Duck session.  That’s a narrow window.  We’ll know soon.

The safer margin in the Senate will also allow easier approval of not only judges but also Cabinet heads.  Once Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller are gone he can get his own guys in easily enough and maybe even put in a good special prosecutor to go after the Deep State, Obama cronies and Clinton shenanigans that have been such an outrage for the last few years.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad night.  But let’s hope we can do a lot better in the coming months.  First things first, fire Sessions, clean out the rat’s nest and start going after employers who ignore illegal status and start deporting large numbers of illegals.


3:30 pm Update – Jeff Sessions resigns!  Well, well.  Onward and upward.

22OCT2018 – Mid-Terms Update

The Dems have written off taking over the Senate.  So they’ve thrown all their money and all their gas-lighting to retaking the House.  But even there, things are not going as planned.  Instead of the towering Blue Wave they are down to the ebb and flow of the tide coming in and out and the Republicans look just as likely as not to hold the House this time.


And of course, if the American people spare the House Republicans once again there’s no guarantee that these Republican Rats will honor this trust and get the president’s agenda moving in the House.  They are a feckless bunch and only marginally better than the Dems.  But somehow I think that with Ryan gone the House will somewhat make up for their past sins by getting the Wall on the agenda.  I know it seems crazy to believe they’ll come through but somehow I think they realize it’s the only thing that can save their precious jobs in the long run.  I’m already looking forward to the event.  I’ll have a post up to allow the comments to run as a discussion area.