What Isn’t Fake?

Authenticity in the present-day world seems to be in extremely short supply.  News is fake.  Some science is fake.  Medicine is very fake.  The FBI is fake.  Now it turns out the military is run by fakes.  Elections are fake.  The Republicans are mostly fakes.

The Democrats are real.  They truly are communists.

But Biden’s brain is fake.  Money is fake.  Capitalism is fake.  The internet is mostly fake.  Education is most certainly fake.  Most of organized religion is fake.

So, what isn’t fake?  I guess the only thing that’s real is what you yourself know is real.  For me that is the friends and family that I know are real.  They’re living in this funhouse mirror version of reality and they have to make the compromises that we all have to just to live.  But they’re not fake.  Some of them may be mistaken about what is real and what is imaginary but they’re trying to live their lives the best way they can.  They need and deserve all the help I can give them and all the prayers that I can send out for them.

But is there anything else that’s real?  Yes, evil is real.  All of those things I listed above are fake for a reason.  They are part of a plan that is systematically breaking down all the good things that once existed in this place.  The system that is implementing all of these lies is very real.  The FBI and the military have weapons that are extremely effective.  The Justice Department has a federal prison system that can swallow up people and never let them go.

Another thing that’s not fake is the Great Awakening.  Not the woke joke but the awakening by normal people to the reality of the system.  That’s real too.  The Sleepers have opened their eyes and now see that they’ve been fooled.  That’s a powerful reality.  If the number of these people is large enough it might be a very big deal.

I don’t claim to know that we will be able to turn this thing around.  In fact, I’ll have to say I’m more pessimistic today than at any time in the last five years.  But they say that the truth shall set you free and I tend to agree with that.

In my essay on someone becoming the leader of the deplorables I talked about him building a platform for the deplorables to call their home.  Part of the reason for building a base for us is to give us something that we can depend on to be real.  Having something you can depend on is important.  Whether it’s a payment processor that you depend on for your on-line business income or a social media site that you enjoy interacting with, people become anxious and confused when the things they think they can depend on fail them.  Always having to worry about something being pulled out from under you is a terrible way to live.  And so, building something that is real and can be depended on is more than just a luxury it’s a necessity for maintaining the sanity of people in our position.  It’s a refuge.  And what I was thinking is that if we can build out that refuge into more and more compartments of our lives then less and less of the world would be fake.

And maybe if we could expand that reality to enough of our daily lives then maybe someday the fake bubble will collapse in on itself and disappear altogether.  I dream of the day when the Democrat Party, the New York Times, MSNBC and Twitter all shut down and all of the inmates from those asylums are rounded up and sent to Canada where they belong.