Butt Pete Strikes Again

Pete Buttigieg is the poster child for all that’s wrong in our world today.  The former Mayor Butt Pete is now Secretary Beep Beep Butt Pete.  And because Pete is very gay he has recently gotten married to a man and of course had to adopt some poor unfortunate child to prove that gender, sex and sanity are all just constructs that will disappear if you only ignore them.  Of course.

But not satisfied with turning his private life into a train wreck he has stepped up and has now added the U.S. commercial supply chain to his list of things that will mysteriously stop mattering if he just ignores them.  You see, Butt Pete is on his two month paternity leave!  So the supply chain nightmare will just have to fix itself while Pete learns how to breast feed or something.

The outcry from this situation has sadly forced Butt Pete to show up for work yesterday and explain to the sympathetic press just how under control everything already is.  In this sense it’s a lot like how the Afghans falling from the wheels of jet planes was the primary proof that the Afghan Rout was going wonderfully.  Nothing says everything’s going great like a suicide bomber blowing up our soldiers.

Well Pete won’t be able to match the body count of General Milley but he will be able to destroy Christmas and guarantee that inflation crushes the life out of the middle class this year.  Yes Butt Pete is the gift that keeps on giving.  What will he do next?  I assume his next fail up assignment will be as Pope.  He’s got that vibe.