Make a Start, Make a Start

This is a good time to get things going.  The puppet masters are loosening the strings for a while.  The puppets are exhausted.  Probably even the FBI and Google are tired of spying on normal people and want a few weeks to have a barbecue and reconnect with their pod families.  Everyone wants a breather.  Even DOTUS* probably needs to be hung in a damp darkened closet and allowed to absorb more mold spores before he goes on simulating intelligent life.

And we need to do the same.  Go out and enjoy your life and enjoy the season and revel in having friends and family that you can at least see and hold.  Hug that grandchild and slap the back of your brother or nephew.  Play a game of baseball catch.  Have a barbecue and eat way too much, really bad food.  Do all those things.  You deserve it.

But do one more thing.  Remember that all this will happen again.  These people control you and they will disrupt your life again because it gives them the control they need to make things go in the direction that benefits them.  And because this is just a breather, remember to use it to make the changes that will make you less vulnerable to the next crisis.

Maybe it’s changing jobs to escape a dead-end situation because equity now means no more advancement for you based on the color of your skin.  Or maybe it’s moving to a freer state or country because you are tired of being told that you are an aggressor because your ancestors weren’t the right shade.  Or maybe it’s time to change careers because there’s no better time than now to make the leap.  Or maybe it’s just time to take stock of your life and decide what personal changes you want or need to make to flourish.  Maybe lose some weight and get in shape.  Take up a sport with some friends.  Dump some bad habits.  Dump some bad friends or even relatives that make your life a misery.  Maybe rethink your philosophy on life or even think about God.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  But the other side of that coin is, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  So, make a start.  Sit down, take stock and decide what are the highest priorities on your personal to-do list and figure out how to make step one on that item, your highest priority.  Then do it.  Then figure out steps two through two hundred and figure out a system to make it happen.  Sure, you might find that the devil is in the details and you’ll have to change the final goal.  That’s just reality.  If you find yourself spending time figuring out hard problems, that means you’re making progress.  Important things are usually complicated and difficult.  But you’re doing the work.  Bravo.  The trick is to steal a little time every day to accomplish something on the project.  Make it happen.  Don’t dither, don’t put it off for another time.  There may not be another time.  Think about your life as a finite pile of sand and don’t use it up without doing what you think is your destiny.  Even if you fail, the effort is your will made manifest.  It’s your challenge shouted out to the sky.  A bang instead of a whimper.

And my saying that today was what I wanted to do.  Not everything I want to get done today.  I have a plotting problem in my story that’s got me stumped.  But that’s a different bucket.  I wanted to get this out.  And I have!

18AUG2017 Update – Make a Start

So, every month or two the world becomes even a lot weirder and I need to do an evaluation to allow for course correction. And it’s definitely one of those times again. The events of the last week have pushed us still deeper into the uncharted territory of American Guerilla War. The prospect of Antifa battling it out with Nationalists has become reality. And right on script establishment republicans have backed Antifa. The press has become almost apoplectic and President Trump is still managing to defy the powers that be. Wow.
The upshot. Social media and much of corporate America have joined lock-step with the narrative that right-wing = Nazism. Even relatively moderate bloggers are being deplatformed by social media and even their internet service providers. Moderates are panicking and swearing allegiance to anyone on the left who will accept their confessions. Many on the right are angry and confused. Some are blaming the Alt-Right for making all this happen.
What do I think? I think that those who foretold a growing separation between left and right in America and the beginning of a schism of the American public were right. I think it may be starting to happen. Now, I don’t think this will be some civil war (either cold or hot). I think there will be more clashes in the streets and more and more animosity and hate. And I think it will harden opinions on both sides and it will move things further along toward a separation of us and them. Alternative platforms and companies and agencies will begin to form that will allow people to disengage from the irritants that exist in the present condition. A way for people to avoid Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Patreon and Google and the other myriad institutions that despise the right and everything it believes in. And then people on the right are going to start using boycotts to put pressure on Walmart and Target and the other big businesses to stop caving into the pressure from the left and just sell their crap to us without the social justice virtue signaling attached. And they are going to have to start looking for alternative places for their kids to go to school. That will be the toughest choice of all.
But I think all of these things are starting to become more real. The left becomes ever more hateful and irrational. It becomes ever more strident and its demands become more and more intolerable. I believe people on the right will have to build networks and relationships that allow mutual support and even economic relationships. Hire the people you trust and the people you like. Buy from people who don’t despise you. Shun the businesses and the individuals who openly hate everything you stand for and believe in.
It’s not a pretty picture. A year-ago I would have said it sounded silly and melodramatic. I don’t think so anymore. I think it’s the direction we’re going. I’ve begun the first little steps myself. I will no longer click on a news link from any of the left-wing media. Never. I avoid all arts and entertainment sites that control the message and only allow leftist dogma. That is one of the reasons I include photography and science fiction on this website. I wanted a place where people on the right who enjoyed these things weren’t second class citizens. I am looking for alternative companies for products that are produced by flagrantly leftist companies. I don’t use Twitter, Wikipedia or Facebook. I limit what I use Google for and avoid their browser. I support alternatives like Gab, Infogalactic and Brave. I’m waiting to see what alternative crowd-funding and other funding choices become available.
Of course, these are tiny steps. For many of the daily actions no good alternatives exist yet. But start somewhere. Patronize those who agree with you. Shun those who are your sworn enemies. Make a start.