photog’s Corner – Surviving Winter – Exercise – Rower

Normally Camera Girl and I like to go for a daily hike through the local State Park.  It’s pretty scenic with a lake, pond, streams, tree covered hills and wildlife.  But in the last week or so we have returned to the usual New England winter condition.  There will be a foot or more of snow on the ground for the next few weeks so that will put a damper on our hike.  And that hike was more than just recreation.  It was part of the exercise that we really need this time of year.  Snow removal is less harmful to your body if you maintain good muscle tone.

We have a treadmill and an exercise bike but I despise both of these devices passionately.  I have a lat machine and I’ll do calisthenics but it’s hard to get a meaningful aerobic workout this way without some pretty serious exertion.

Many years ago my father had told me that rowing was a good aerobic exercise that didn’t wear out the knees and hips.  There was a rower at a gym that I had access to at work at one time.  And it was a good machine to use but using it at work was inconvenient.  So I was pretty sure that a home rower was the right choice for me.

A couple of months ago I did a search into what rowing machine would be a good choice.  After looking at several types and several manufacturers I settled on the flywheel air rowing machine type and the Concept 2 brand as the best quality out there.  The problem was that they were only made in one factory in Vermont and the COVID madness had effectively slowed the output to a trickle.  So there was a two month waiting list to get one.

Well last week it finally showed up and I was like a kid at Christmas assembling it.

It didn’t take much time or effort and before I knew it I was using it and I was very, very pleased with the experience and the results.  The unit is well made and sturdy.  It really is a painless workout and it eats up calories relatively quickly and painlessly.  Where I’ve set it up I can look out onto the yard and relax my mind.  Next I’ll set up some music in the area and I’ll be in nirvana.  I even got Camera girl to try it out and she was unexpectedly very interested.  So it looks like we’ll come out of the winter hibernation more or less intact.

If you’re looking for an aerobic machine for the home and can afford the relatively hefty price tag ($900 plus tax and shipping) I can recommend this model.  If you are cautious wait a few months and I’ll update this review for any possible problems.