Rush Limbaugh – Dead at Age 70 – Rest in Peace

I wasn’t a regular listener but Rush was a conservative institution and he believed in the things we believe in.  Rest in peace.

UPDATE – A tribute from one of Rush’s big fans:

And I just learned about an hour ago that my hero Rush Limbaugh passed away from his lung cancer. A legend in talk radio. He invented conservative talk. 30+ years I listened to his voice of reason. 20+ years of daily podcasts on my commute. I learned a great deal from him. When I first heard his voice during the gulf war I thought to myself, who is this guy who is saying everything that I think? I was hooked from that point forward. Read his books. Watched his brief TV show. Enjoyed his humor and satire. But most of hall, I enjoyed listening to the truth as he dispensed his common sense wisdom to tens of millions of listeners every weekday. I always felt like I knew him.

RIP Rush!