Thoughts on the Nashville Suicide Bomber

Anthony Warner was apparently a guy who thought that telecommunication infrastructure was responsible for his father’s dementia and death.  So, he rigged an RV to be a big bomb and blew up some AT&T telecommunications equipment in Nashville along with himself.  He is said to have been suffering from some kind of cancer and to have been into conspiracy theories about 5G networks.  Warner went to great lengths to warn anyone in the area that a bomb was about to explode.  Because of this no one was killed by the explosion except for Warner.

So why should this story mean anything to anybody who doesn’t live in Nashville?  Because there are probably at least a million guys like Warner scattered around this country.  If the activities of the government and numerous corporations haven’t produced that number of angry disgruntled men like Warner in the last twenty years, I’d be shocked.  The only variable is how many of these men are as angry as Warner.  But it doesn’t take a genius to guess that the number is a lot higher than one.

Our society is targeting the demographic that Warner belongs to.  Older white men are portrayed as the villains of every social meme being pumped out by the media, governments and NGOs.  Many of the millions of small businesses that have been destroyed by the COVID shutdowns are owned by these men.  They have seen the work of a lifetime destroyed and themselves and their families impoverished by bureaucrats and politicians who are picking them as the losers in the COVID game.  And they are also forced to hear the BLM apologists identify them as evil racists who are responsible for all the ills of society.  And finally, they just witnessed their votes being cancelled out by widespread fraud that installed a regime that will accelerate the damage that is inflicted on them by the government.

I’m no prophet but I’m sure the real question is why this is the first such suicide bomber to strike.  My guess is that the FBI probably has a list of thousands of such men that they think likely to do almost the same exact thing as Warner.  They probably monitor sales of explosives and raw materials that can be turned into explosives.  They monitor the on-line discussions of angry individuals and look for any signs that anger has been converted to action.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t foiled many such plans.  But it is also certain that they cannot anticipate every one of these attempts.

I think it is safe to say that there will be further cases in the near future.  I also think it is safe to say that some of them won’t be as concerned with preventing deaths as Mr. Warner was.  And that makes you wonder what will be the consequences of such actions.  We currently live in a virtual police state with surveillance cameras everywhere and every communication scrutinized by intelligence agencies.  I guess they could begin performing pre-emptive interrogations utilizing water boarding and sodium pentothal on the general population but somehow, I think that might exacerbate the levels of anger already out there.

The interesting thing about Warner is that he doesn’t appear to have been in any way a munitions expert.  He was some kind of IT worker.  The newspapers described him as a geek which I assume means he had some computer programming skills.  So here is this random guy who becomes radicalized by the circumstances of his life and stews over it until he one day decides to cash in his chips while striking a blow for a 5G-free world.  What this makes me think is that we have allowed all the normal people in this country to become isolated from each other and from reality, to the extent where alienation is the rule and not the exception.  In the old days this guy would have had friends, relatives and coworkers who would have kept him grounded in reality.  But he lived for twenty-five years in one place and his next-door neighbor didn’t even know his name.  His only remaining family was a sister and nephew who lived half the country away and he worked as a contract IT worker out of his house.  He never got married or had children.  He left his worldly possessions to an ex-girlfriend who lived in California and probably didn’t even remember him.

In my opinion Anthony Warner is the tip of the iceberg.  Much worse things are in store for us in the near future.  When a society sanctions riots, looting and arson against its own citizens no one should be surprised when those citizens stop playing nice.