We’ve Got the Bastards on the Run

It’s possible, in my opinion, to belabor certain points.  For instance, some folks are so interested in the inside baseball of the Justice Department corruption that countless words will be expended weekly going over the minutia of the various documents available and how these might impact future moves by President Trump’s allies and enemies.  Granted, that many people are fascinated by the prospect of the swamp getting nuked by Attorney General Barr.  I myself am among those who would build a statue to Mr. Barr if he won that war.  But I think continuously covering the same ground is too maddening to contemplate and a form of abuse of the readers.  That being said, I want to regurgitate some of the events of this past week.  And the reason is I want to talk about what the cumulative effect of all these wins has been on the morale of the Right Wing.

I have some friends on the Right who for a long time have been borderline clinically depressed over the state of the country and the prospects of things ever improving.  Well, this week I caught them smiling and laughing about the events of the past few days.  When I accused them of optimism, they tried to deny it but the smiles on their faces put the lie to it.  And in the news a poll found that Americans by an 80% to 11% margin thought that their lives would improve in 2020.

What we are seeing is the result of winning.  What we are seeing is the result of trying.  People have been conditioned by decades of seeing the hapless Republicans having their heads handed to them by progressives in the Media and the Democrats that they automatically assume that no matter what break comes our way it will be stifled by a combination of the power of the Left and the incompetence of the GOP establishment.

Well, what we saw this week is something that we haven’t seen since Reagan.  Sustained good news.  A whole week where every real piece of news went our way.  Every event showed President Trump winning and the various Leftists taking it on the chin.  You might ask, so what?  Shouldn’t we just take this in stride and move onto the next fight?

No.  We should celebrate.  We should relish the moment.  We should go out to dinner and order something special and if you’re of the persuasion, pop open a bottle of good wine.  Call up your friends on our side of the aisle and share a laugh and a pleasant conversation.  This doesn’t happen every day.  Their side took some pretty heavy shots and their leaders and their followers were noticeably stunned at just how bad things turned out.  Guys like James Carville were sounding the alarm.  They know just how bad it will be for their side if a Bernie Sanders or even a Pete Buttigieg ends up as their candidate.  They’re terrified.  And us?  We’re elated and confident and expecting it to get even better.  And the best part?  They know the truth of both sides of it and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.  As I said in an earlier post, impeachment is the last bullet in the gun.  If you can’t get a conviction or even a bipartisan effort you’re out of luck.  President Trump has actually come out of the trial stronger than he went in.  Every effort the Democrats have tried, from the ridiculously partisan show trial in the House to Pelosi’s petulant tearing up of her copy of the SOTU have backfired and made them look dishonest or ridiculous or both.

Next week we’ll have to get back to battling in the trenches with these dishonest swine but for now it’s not only desirable to celebrate it’s necessary.  Raise a glass of cheer to President Trump for having the fighting spirit to risk everything to expose these evil clowns for what they are.  And toast yourself for not giving up.  We’ve got the bastards on the run.