What Should Sony Still Add to the E-Mount System?

After yesterday’s post I thought I’d add a short follow-up addressing the gaps in the e-mount system that I personally care about.  This isn’t a definitive list and feel free to add your two cents.

First off, I think the biggest gap from a professional perspective are the holes in the lens catalog.  These are the telephoto lenses.  A 600mm f\4 is probably the biggest hole.  After that I guess the telephoto zooms like a 200 – 600 f\4.5 – 5.6 would be good.  After that a very bright high-quality art lens like a 50mm f\1.2 would be a nice to have.  And finally, just to stop hearing me talk about it give us a 200mm f2.8 macro.  There I said it.

Now as a Minolta and Sony A-mount owner I would like a version of the LA-EA adapters that allows screw drive lens to be used without a translucent mirror involved.  Come on Sony, do the right thing.

A built-in intervalometer function would be nice.

And finally, most important, Sony you need to completely water seal your professional level cameras.  This will ensure that professional photographers will feel safe investing tens of thousands of dollars in your system.

So that’s my short critique of the Sony e-mount ecosystem.  Other than the long lenses and the water-sealing they are very minor items.  But based on my incredible media clout I expect Sony to acknowledge this order and act on it almost immediately.

So let it be written, so shall it be done.